New Podcast Interviews with DBH on Universal Salvation

Conversation with David Artman (part 1)

Conversation with David Artman (part 2)

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3 Responses to New Podcast Interviews with DBH on Universal Salvation

  1. Tom says:

    I’m confused. It was my understanding based on comments Hart has made on a couple occasions (don’t ask me to remember where) that he recognized diverse (and contrary) eschatologies in the NT. And this didn’t bother him. He also felt it made better sense to explain (away) the infernalist themes (which really represented infernalist belief) by the universalist passages, as opposed to resolving the diversity by understanding them to be compatibly universalist when read righty.

    I’m guessing I got this wrong. In the first Episode here Hart says he doesn’t think infernalism can be grounded in the NT or first-century Xan confession and that infernalist belief was something that attached itself later to the Xan witness.

    Updating my brain files.


  2. Michael says:

    DBH made a comment that the annihilationists were closer to the truth than DH proponents (but not as close as DU proponents, obviously). Does anyone know if DBH has addressed Bart Ehrman’s view that Jesus in the NT appears to be preaching annihilationism (DA)? I know DBH has responded vigorously to DH backers, but not sure what he thinks of the arguments for DA.


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      Michael, have you read That All Shall Be Saved? Hart briefly addresses annihilationism on pp. 86-87. He concludes that the position is equally vulnerable to the objection that it purchases heaven for some at the cost of the destruction of the lost.


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