Is Evil Like a Hole in a Sock?

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  1. Ahmed Fares says:

    There is a parable in Taoism about the gnarly tree. Long story short, the straight trees were cut down to make useful objects out of their wood but the gnarly tree, being thought of as useless, was left standing. But then people sat under it for shade, and it served people that way.

    People are like that. They can choose to be good or evil, but God will use them for His purpose just the same. e.g.,

    Ah, Assyria, the rod of my anger

    — the club in their hands is my fury!

    Against a godless nation I send him,

    and against the people of my wrath I command him,

    to take spoil and seize plunder,

    and to tread them down like the mire of the streets . . .

    (Isa. 10:5-6)

    Upon closer inspection, however, Jeremiah’s letter to the Babylonian exiles reflects the same logic and assumptions that undergird Isaiah, where God has the divine prerogative, ability, and willingness to use human empires as instruments to discipline Israel (and others) by violent means. To use Isaiah’s imagery: while Assyria may be the ax used to punish Israel, God is the lumberjack who wields it (Isa. 10). Rather than transcend these characteristic prophetic assumptions, Jer. 29 also sees God as both driving Israel into exile and gathering it from the nations.
    [end quote]

    source: Assyria the Ax, God the Lumberjack: Jeremiah 29, the Logic of the Prophets, and the Quest for a Nonviolent God


  2. Herb Garfield says:

    I can often feel torn between the practicing prophet and the Godly separation/ rescue. How to achieve the balance without the portfolio is my prayer, prior to I being run out of town


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