Eclectic Orthodoxy Articles You May Have Missed in 2021

Yesterday I listed the 15 most popular articles posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy during 2021. But of course, a goodly number of truly brilliant, groundbreaking articles (especially by yours truly) did not make the cut. Inconceivable! you reply. Yes, yes, I quite agree.

First off, here are four articles of mine I particularly enjoyed writing:

St Augustine of Hippo and the Misericordes

The Nothing of Grace and the Apokatastasis of Justification by Faith

The Demonic Void and the Apokastastasis of Satan

Damning to Nothingness

And here those articles by guest writers which of, course, should have received more views than they did:

Brendan Case, “How Do Angels Change?

Jonathan Geltner, “Desiring Dragons

Fr Kevin Gregory Long, “A Conscientious Objector in the Culture Wars

George Repper, “Bulgakov and the Foundations of Creaturely Freedom

Jordan Daniel Wood, “The Lively God of Sergius Bulgakov

John Stamps also contributed several meditations on Dante’s Inferno, but you’ll need to search for them yourselves. 😜

My special thanks to all my guest contributors. If I have forgotten to mention anyone, please let me know, so I can correct my mistake and make appropriate gestures of self-abasement.

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