Podcast Interview: Universalism, Early Church, and the Fifth Ecumenical Council

A podcast interview with Fr Aidan Kimel on Universal Salvation, the Early Church, and the Fifth Ecumenical Council

How do you like my bespoke fedora? The color of the fur felt is called camel. The hatband is copper. And if you look carefully, you’ll see the underwelt brim edge–very old fashioned.

Just call me Fr Fedora.

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7 Responses to Podcast Interview: Universalism, Early Church, and the Fifth Ecumenical Council

  1. Excellent! Artman’s podcasts are looking like the audio companion to your “Readings in Universalism” page. Listening to you right now and enjoying your talk about the pre-Constantinople II councils. I didn’t know Marcellus of Ancyra was a universalist.

    Also, might I suggest you post a link on your site to Behr’s interview with Artman on Origen? He finally discusses universalism on a podcast and how it now has become part of his Behrian “Mystery of Christ” theological picture. I’m positive Behr’s presentation will be MUCH more warmly greeted by Orthodox than Hart’s. A primary emphasis on its basis in scripture and the early fathers, a secondary (and by no means absent) emphasis on its philosophical basis. This is the way forward.

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    • TJF says:

      Well Behr is also more, let’s say, irenic than Hart, which helps.


    • TJF says:

      Hello Mark,

      I just listened to the podcast and didn’t catch the part where Behr says universalism is part of his system, I just heard him talking about how it was important to Origen. Does he say this somewhere else clearly?


      • Maybe not, but I had a few classes with him and so maybe it’s easier to see how universalism has become the natural extension of his viewing all things from the end to understand the beginning (a principle made very clear in The Mystery of Christ). If you listen to the next one on Gregory of Nyssa, it might be a bit clearer. He does say that he thinks Paul’s universalism is quite explicit as are the writings of other earlier fathers even before Origen.


        • TJF says:

          Thanks Mark, I listened to that one as well and am excited for his new translation. The only one I’ve read is the new advent one. I agree with what you say. I just wish he would have said “I believe and been a bit clearer.” That’s something I do love about Hart. Love him or hate him, you know exactly where he stands in no uncertain terms.


  2. brian says:

    If I had that fedora, I’d wear it to bed . . .

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