A Podcast Interview with John Milbank on Just About Everything

David Artman interviews John Milbank. I know that readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy will want to listen to it.

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  1. brian says:

    The discussion regarding Incarnation as both event and disclosure is worth noting — Milbank agrees broadly with Scotus that it is not at all reactive to human sin, whilst rejecting without specification Scotus’ reasons. More importantly, he links up Incarnation with Bulgakov and eternal humanity, expounding Creation not as a needy shadow world, but as divine life itself, a liturgical exaltation of Triune delight and prayer — this sources the kenosis of Incarnation and the Cross in eternal life and love, divine beauty calling forth love’s expressive courtesy and self-sacrifice for the other. The historical Golgotha is nothing new for God. It hearkens to Balthasar who sees prayer as rooted in Divine Life. One also begins to see how antinomies are crossed in what William Desmond calls the pluperfect plenitude beyond the exigencies of time. The pluperfect plenitude of divine asiety is Agapeic Origin where fullness is yet the unfolding of an event of ever greater disclosure and joy. I would add that this means the eschaton is anything but a passive complacency where one rests outside event as a spectator. The courage of love remains as open to epektasis, ever greater journey into the longing appropriation of the mysterious Good.

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