“On the Natural Desire of Seeing God” by Louis Dupré

With the publication of David Bentley Hart’s You Are Gods, theological minds are turning once again to the debated question: Do human beings have a natural desire for union with God? But I do not intend to mislead. This “burning” question is principally discussed in Roman Catholic circles. Eastern theologians are too busy enjoying theosis to acquaint themselves with the dispute (“Henri de Lubac who?”), and Reformed and Lutheran theologians have long affirmed that human beings are naturally ordered to (nondeifying) union with their Creator.

Over the years I have tried to acquaint myself with the Roman Catholic debate, but quite honestly, it’s above my pay grade. But because Eclectic Orthodoxy will be publishing in the months ahead one or more (hopefully more!) reviews of You Are Gods, I thought I’d share some articles and videos that readers might find helpful.

First up:  “On the Natural Desire of Seeing God” by the distinguished scholar Louis Dupré. The essay can also be downloaded here.

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