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To See the Summer Sky is Poetry

To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie— True Poems flee ~ Emily Dickinson ~ Now that I have finished my series on You Are Gods, I am going to take a break from … Continue reading

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Just how eternal is aiônios?

David Konstan, Ph.D., is presently Professor of Classics at New York University. For three decades he taught at Brown University, where he remains John Rowe Workman Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Classics and Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature. He is the … Continue reading

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“Through the mystery of Christ, then, sharing in the Holy Spirit and union with God has become possible also for us”

Our Lord Jesus Christ did not pray only for the twelve disciples. He prayed for all in every age whom their exhortation would persuade to become holy by believing and to be purified by sharing in the Holy Spirit. “May … Continue reading

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At Liberty to Become Free

by Tom Belt, TE (theologian extraordinaire) Many thanks to Fr Adian for the invitation to share my views on the controversial subject of “free will.” I’m grateful for Fr Aidan’s friendship, the encouraging conversations we have, and his kindness in … Continue reading

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Doomed, Doomed . . . Doomed to Happiness

David Bentley Hart controversially asserts that human beings are doomed to everlasting happiness—yet should the claim be controversial? Christianity has long taught that the human being, created by the divine Word in the image of the Word, exists in dynamic orientation … Continue reading

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Fr Richard Price Discusses the Ecumenical Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon

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How Did the Eastern Bishops of the First Millennium View the Papal Claims?

Roman Catholic historian Fr Richard Price is probably the leading living authority on the Great Ecumenical Councils. His translations of the extant acts of the councils—specifi­cally, Ephesus, Chalcedon, Constantinople II, and Nicaea II (as well as the 649 Lateran Synod)—are … Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond: Desire and Deification in the One-Storey Universe

In this final installment of my reflections upon You Are Gods, we come to the fourth, final, and most contentious highlight of the book: 4) Human beings are necessarily ordered to deification in Jesus Christ by virtue of their creation … Continue reading

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