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Jordan Daniel Wood on the Fall, Suffering, and Theodicy

Yesterday was a good day on social media for Jordan. He became involved in two conver­sa­tions on Facebook and Twitter, both on the topic of theodicy. As Eclectic Orthodoxy readers know, Jordan is a brilliant theologian with a gift for … Continue reading

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Destined for Joy: Late July Update

The interior designer has returned Destined for Joy to us. It’s a large book—418 pages! Ten years worth of writing. I had no idea it would be this large. There are still minor corrections that need to be made. We hope … Continue reading

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Ambiguities of Nature: Jonathan Geltner’s Absolute Music

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. Jonathan Geltner’s debut novel, Absolute Music, is one of those rare events in today’s publishing land­scape:  a genuine work of literary art that asks one to grapple with fundamental questions of how love is enacted … Continue reading

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Paul Gavrilyuk on the Eschatology of Sergius Bulgakov

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A Brief Retrospect on my Theological Passions

Over the past 41 years of priesthood, I have entertained a number of theological passions: the necessity of celebrating baptism in its symbolic fullness (Louis Weil, Aidan Kavanagh); the radical identification of Jesus as the eternal Word (Robert W. Jenson, … Continue reading

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Searching for Our Human Face: The Christic Body

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. It is interesting to note that precisely at that historical moment when the advent of nominalist individuals and the voluntarist version of freedom is presaging the rise of hostility towards nature, the crypto-fascism of the … Continue reading

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Fr John Behr on St Gregory Nyssen: What it Means to be Human Being

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Thomas Allin Summarizes the Witness of Scripture to the Larger Hope

We have carefully considered the all-important question of the teaching of Holy Scripture. We have noted even in the Old Testament, intimations from the very first of a future blessing, designed to embrace all the race of man. These become … Continue reading

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