“For, if in all beings there will be God, clearly in them there will be no evil”

Evil must necessarily be eliminated, absolutely and in every respect, once and for all, from all that is, and, since in fact it is not . . . , neither will it have to exist, at all. For, as evil does not exist in its nature outside will, once each will has come to be in God, evil will be re­duced to complete disappearance, because no recep­tacle will be left for it. . . . God’s right judgement is applied to all, and extends the time of the restitution of the debt according to its amount . . . the complete eradication of debts does not take place through any money payment, but the debtor is handed to the torturers, until he has paid his whole debt. . . . Everything that is free will turn out to be in virtue, since what is free has no master. Now, God’s nature is the source of all virtue; so, in it there will be those who have attained freedom from evil, that, as the Apostle says, “God may be all in all.” God will be both all and in all. God’s nature will become all to us and will take the place of all, distributing itself in a way that will be suitable to the needs of that life. And from divine revelation it is clear that God, for those who deserve it, is place, house, garment, food, drink, light, richness, kingdom, and whatever it is possible to think and express among those things that contribute to a good life for us. Well, he who is “all” also is “in all.” And in this it seems to me that Scripture teaches the complete disappearance of evil. For, if in all beings there will be God, clearly in them there will be no evil.

St Gregory of Nyssa

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