“Through him I am known, and I share being with him, and I remain in him and in the Spirit, and I shall make my abode in all of you”

“And they were afraid,” the Evangelist says, “on entering into the cloud. And a voice came from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved, in whom I am well pleased.'” For then the Lord Jesus, who is uncircumscribed, truly thundered from the mountain as if from heaven, in a storm of light and in the sound of the glory of his coming; and the Father on high sounded forth his voice—a voice of power from the cloud that radiated light, as Scripture tells us, and said to the disciples:

“This is my Son, the Beloved, the only One, transfigured today on Mount Thabor in his humanity; this is the stamp of my individual being, the radiance of my glory, the unchanging image of my super-substantial being. This is my strong right arm, my all-powerful right hand. This is my personified wisdom and power, through whom I created the ages, and brought all things into being from nothing, in whom I am well pleased and through whom I have saved you, through whom I appeared and in whom I shed light on the world and create it anew, in whom I have come to be known and through whom I was glorified, in whom I continue to receive glory and through whom I glorify you and will glorify you again. He is the one who reveals my name among men and women, and I revealed him and bore witness to him and showed him forth at the Jordan; he gave me glory, and I gave him glory today, and will glorify him in the inaccessible light. He lives in me without confusion, and I in him without a change, flashing forth in a way that befits a triune God; he is in me singly and I in him in a threefold sense—the first because of the assumption of humanity, the second because of the existence of the divinity. He is the begotten light, I the unbegotten; he the only Son, I the unbegotten Father, source of all things; he is the Word in the beginning, and is God the beginning, before all ages, I the beginning of the beginning and Father of the Word, the Mind that is above all mind and all substance. He is the light, I am the spring of light; he is the life, I am the cause of life; he is the ‘sun of justice’ who shines forth in me, I am known in him as the light of three suns, beyond all substance, and in him I shine with ‘all the fullness of the Godhead, in a bodily way.’ In him I am well pleased, and in him I have willingly chosen you; I remain in him without change, without confusion, without separation, without alteration. I shine out in him, I reveal and foreknow and cleanse and enlighten you, I make you holy in him. In the light of his glory you will see me, the inaccessible light; in him you will recognize me and in me you will see him; the one will happen so that you may be formed, the other so that you may be perfected; or because he dwells in you in this world, and you will be divinized in the next.

“You will see the Son in the Spirit, you will recognize the Father in the Son; in the light of the Spirit you will see ‘the shining forth of my glory,’ in the image the archetype, and from within yourselves you will see what is beyond all substance. And you will see clearly, and know that he remains in me and I in him, and that we are known without confusion, as he himself said to you; he gives light in me, and I perform miracles in him. He makes you new in me, and I bring miraculous works to perfection through him and the Spirit. He speaks in me and acts in me, and does nothing except in me and in the Spirit; and when I speak through him and in him and with him, and remain there, I do these works in the Spirit. He speaks in me in the Spirit, and I speak through him and do all things in the Spirit. Now he flashes forth in me, seen as a single person; but then I will shine forth in him, recognized in threefold form. He is in you, you in him, and I am recognized in a threefold way in him. He is completely in me, without change; he comes from me without flowing away, and is with me beyond time. He does not exist after me, and no other God or Son has come to be besides me or before me. He is always completely in me and in himself, without separation; and I am always complete in him and in myself, without being affected or undergoing separation. And my Spirit is completely from me and in him and in me and in himself, in an unspeakable way. Through him I am known, and I share being with him, and I remain in him and in the Spirit, and I shall make my abode in all of you. No one comes to me, except through him and the Spirit; and no one comes to him, except through me and through the Spirit, as he has made clear among you. And no one can see or know me, unless—as I have said—he reveals me in the Spirit according to his own decision, to whom he wishes; just as a word reveals the mind hidden within it, and the mind the word that comes forth from it in the spirit.”

So the Father spoke from above, exhorting them: “Listen to him,” trust in him, follow him, proclaim him, remain in him—and he will remain in you. Receive him, and through him receive me, and he will give you light and will make you holy, and will bestow all things on you as gifts.

St Gregory the Sinaite 

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  1. Paul Batz says:

    Hello Fr. Aidan Kimel,

    Could you please provide some information in regards to where this intriguing icon of the Transfiguration comes from? It’s really quite something.



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