Destined for Joy: Mid-August Update

We are getting close to the end!  The index has been completed, and the document will soon be sent to the interior designer for (hopefully) final preparation. We also expect to receive the final version of the book cover within the next week. When that is received, everything will be sent to Amazon for printing.  A mid-September publication date is still looking good!

The Foreword has been written by Brad Jersak and the Afterword by David Bentley Hart.

The book has received a goodly number of endorsement blurbs. Here are two of them:

An extensive and considered collection of essays, written and reworked over many years, on the topic of universal salvation, touching upon all aspects from the proclamation of the gospel to the historical controversies it provoked (and provokes) as well as the pastoral compassion it entails. This is an excellent entry point into the ancient topic of ‘apokatastais’ and the claim that God will be “all in all”. ~ Fr John Behr

This is a book that many of us have been waiting for for a long time—a collection of Alvin Kimel’s mature theological musings on divine love, human freedom, hell, and universal restoration. Father Kimel is deeply orthodox (concerned to be true to biblical revelation, orthodox tradition, and rational reflection) and eclectic (attending to Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant theological voices, past and present). The result is a set of reflections that are both theologically stimulating and pastorally sensitive. Heck!—the essay on whether the Fifth Ecumenical Council denounced universalism as heretical is worth the price of the book, even before one factors in the wealth of wisdom in the other essays. Enthusiastically recommended! ~ Fr Robin Parry

Destined for Joy will be sold in both hard and soft cover editions. We are also hoping to make a Kindle version available, but further research is needed to determine if this will be practicable. Pre-order will not be available until the Amazon page is up. Trust me, I’ll make an announcement as soon as this happens!

My eagerness to see Destined for Joy in print has reached the near breaking point!

Glory to God!

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  1. Congratulations!!!


  2. Clem says:

    Fr. Aidan – please come to our Zoom platform to discuss your book! We would love to talk to you.


    • Fr Aidan Kimel says:

      Clem, please contact me after the publication of your book. By the way, what is the name and URL of your Zoomcast?


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