Please Pray for Met Kallistos Ware as He Prepares to Meet his Lord

[Wikepedia has reported this morning that Met Kallistos has not yet reposed. This article may be premature. Please pray for him in these last hours and days. May God grant him a peaceful death and life immortal in the risen Christ.]

Met Kallistos Ware may well be the most important Orthodox missionary over the past 60 years. Through his writings and lectures, he almost single-handedly opened up Orthodoxy to the English-speaking world. I daresay that his books ‘The Orthodox Church’ and ‘The Orthodox Way’ can be found on the bookshelves of every English-speaking convert to Orthodoxy. The latter is the one book I always recommend to inquirers. Met Kallistos had a remarkable gift for explaining the doctrine and faith of the Church in a clear, gracious, and winsome way. He combined within himself that union of theological reflection and spiritual depth that Orthodox theologians strive for but so rarely achieve.

I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet Met Kallistos. My old friend Fr Stephen Freeman once toured the Holy Land with him and has many stories to tell. Hopefully all who knew him will be sharing their stories of this great Orthodox bishop in the weeks to come.

I recall Archbishop Michael Ramsey speaking fondly of him. Timothy Ware was apparently encouraged by a fellow Anglican to meet with Ramsey before making the dramatic step of conversion, no doubt in the hope that the good bishop would dissuade him. He shared with Ramsey his love of Orthodoxy, after which Ramsey said to him, “Yes, you must become Orthodox.”

May his memory be eternal.

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2 Responses to Please Pray for Met Kallistos Ware as He Prepares to Meet his Lord

  1. Michael says:

    I met him in 2016 at his apartment in Oxford, which was full of books and icons. We had a long conversation about monasticism and he gave me a prayer rope from Mount Athos and a book on the Jesus Prayer. He was kind and gracious and I regret his passing.

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  2. Kossa says:

    His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos is not yet reposed!

    …as confirmed by those in the UK by his side. He is being well looked after, and prayed for by many, and he was recently visited by Archbishop Nikitas. Please help to correct this unfortunate rumour causing premature mourning, and correct/update your article.

    Please continue your prayers and await official confirmation.


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