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Universal Salvation: Love Is Its Own Necessity

I know that some are wondering why I have spent so much blog time featuring discussion of Fr James Dominic Rooney’s article “The Incoherences of Hard Universalism” and why I have now written yet another piece on it. I wonder … Continue reading

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St Augustine on the ‘Last Things’ and Human Destiny: Is Eschatological Universalism Possible?

by Fr. Robert Deinhammer, S.J. In this essay, I am going to outline some basic aspects of Augustinian eschatology and identify its problems. What is the ultimate destiny of the human race according to St. Augustine? Was Augustine right in … Continue reading

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The Christ, the Fall, and Echoes of Eden

It begins with the Fall and the introduc­tion of death and corrup­tion into the good world God has made. The ancient story is inscribed upon our hearts. Tempted by Satan, Adam and Eve partake of the forbidden fruit, plunge into … Continue reading

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“What words can adequately describe God’s gifts?”

What words can adequately describe God’s gifts? They are so numerous that they defy enumeration. They are so great that any one of them demands our total gratitude in response. Yet even though we cannot speak of it worthily, there … Continue reading

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James Dominic Rooney’s Critique of Universalism

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. In an article entitled “The Incoherencies of Hard Universalism,” recently published in Church Life Journal (18 October 2022), James Dominic Rooney argues that universalism is a serious heresy that Christians should clearly reject. He begins his … Continue reading

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God Creates the World from the Cross

“Since he who saves already existed, it was necessary that he who would be saved should come into existence, that the One who saves should not exist in vain.”1 This quotation from the great second-century bishop and theologian St Irenaeus … Continue reading

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Reading the Scriptures with the Risen Christ

How was it that the disciples came to know Jesus as Lord, Son of God, incarnate Word? They did not acquire this knowledge by merely accompanying him on his travels around Galilee—the gospels make this point clearly enough. Nor did they … Continue reading

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Returning to the Paschal Christ: The Pre-Post-Modernity of John Behr

In his book The Mystery of Christ, Fr John Behr advances a two-pronged attack on modern theology: It treats dogmas as finished formulae, which can then be employed by the theologian without regard to “the way in which they were … Continue reading

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