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The Spiritual Diary of Sergius Bulgakov

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Paul Gavrilyuk on the Eschatology of Sergius Bulgakov

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The Political Theology of Sergius Bulgakov: Correcting Milbank and Papanikolaou

by James R. Wood The two major political theologians in the West who have recently deployed the thought of Russian Orthodox theologian Sergei Bulgakov (1871-1944) take his thought in radically conflicting directions: John Milbank, the leading figure in the movement … Continue reading

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God is Eucharistic Love: Bulgakov’s Transvaluation of Sacrifice

by Mark Roosien, Ph.D. There is no love without sacrifice. Though cliché, this statement is undoubtedly true. Love, if it is genuine, will require a gift of self unto the end. In this vale of tears, we should not expect … Continue reading

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The Lively God of Sergius Bulgakov: Reflections on The Sophiology of Death

by Jordan Daniel Wood, Ph.D. In part because others have done so at some length and in part because Roberto de la Noval’s introduction to his translation of these essays does it so well, I will not here offer a … Continue reading

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Bulgakov and the Foundations of Creaturely Freedom

by George Repper Fr. Sergei Bulgakov was a significant, and controversial, figure within 20th century Ortho­doxy. He is most famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for his systematic account of his doctrine of Sophia, which earned his work several … Continue reading

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We Shall See Him as He Is: Bulgakov on Eschatological Conversion

by Roberto J. De La Noval, Ph.D. “It is impossible to appear before Christ and to see Him without loving Him.” ~ Sergius Bulgakov ~ Universalists and infernalists argue.1 In the course of their arguments over the past dec­ades, a … Continue reading

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Seeking Theodicy: Sergius Bulgakov and the Apoktastasis

We seek theodicy. We seek  justification for the suffering, privation, violence, futility, and death of this world. We desire assurance that this world is good and our Creator is good. We need hope that Christ will triumph over every evil … Continue reading

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