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The “Heresy” of Hopeful Universalism: Kallistos Ware, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Ralph Martin

May we hope—as opposed to dogmatically affirming in pesky universalist fashion—that all will be saved? The fact that so many Orthodox and Catholic Christians (though no doubt representing a minority within their respective traditions) would now say yes demon­strates that … Continue reading

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The Deep Patristic Roots of Hart’s Universalism: A Response to Fr Lawrence Farley

by Mark Chenoweth Many of the critics of David Bentley Hart’s presentation of universalism in his That All Shall Be Saved argue that he doesn’t give nearly enough weight to church tradition. I agree. However, these critics, the latest one … Continue reading

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Universalism’s Convenientia

by Paul J. Griffiths Among the criteria that theologians use to determine what to say next and how to say it – to know how to go on in theology, that is – is appeal to convenientia.1 Fittingness, that is, … Continue reading

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The Path Upward: Liturgy, Universalism, and George Seferis

by Christopher Howell Burning burning burning burning O Lord Thou pluckest me out O Lord Thou pluckest burning ~ T.S. Eliot ~ “When you asked me about hell the other day,” wrote Philip Sherrard in a 1966 letter to the … Continue reading

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We have had a lot of new visitors to Eclectic Orthodoxy over the past ten months, largely thanks to the reviews of That All Shall Be Saved. Some of our visitors, however, may have missed my page Readings in Universalism. This … Continue reading

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Ambrose Andreano on “Patristic Universalism”

“I want you to see the future. Think of that dreadful judgment day when God gathers all the ‘goats’ together in what must be a most wicked city, tied down to the altar like Isaac: prepared and ready to face … Continue reading

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A Philosophical Case for Preferring Universalism to Annihilationism

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“Gnosticism” and Universalism: A Review of ‘The Devil’s Redemption’

by David Bentley Hart ​ I had been hoping to avoid this eventuality for some months now; and, but for a certain sense of justice that it is proving impossible to suppress in myself, I suppose I could have continued … Continue reading

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