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“For Thomas Aquinas, God is not ‘separated’ from the world as a subsistent entity conceivable apart from his causal relationship to created beings”

Far from being a ‘supreme being’, a nameless deity beyond the world who is ultimately in charge of everything, God is maxime ens, who enjoys being in the highest possible degree. Such a reality must be thought to be utterly simple, … Continue reading

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God’s Essence is his Existence: What the heck does this mean?

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The Five Ways: What Did Aquinas Think He Was Doing?

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Thomas Aquinas and the Pseudo-Denys on the Darkness of God

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Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil

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But is God really, really, really related to the world?

Chris Mullen (aka malcolmsnotes) has recently targeted four alleged problems with the scholastic notion of actus purus, as articulated in the theology of St Thomas Aquinas. I’d like to respond to the first problem, i.e., the Thomist assertion that God does not exist … Continue reading

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Thomas Aquinas and the Real Distinction

by Thomas M. Cothran Aquinas’ celebrated “invention” of the real distinction between existence and essence in created things has secured his place at a pivotal moment of intellectual history. For some, such as Etienne Gilson, this shows Aquinas’ greatness. For … Continue reading

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