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Slowly Reading St Athanasius: Why is the Incarnation so important? 

by John Stamps My favorite dish to eat at a Mexican restaurant is Chili con Carne. For barbarians who don’t know what I’m talking about, Chili con Carne means Chili with Meat. If we ponder what the word “incarnation” means … Continue reading

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Eclectic Orthodoxy 101: Slowly Reading St Athanasius

by John Stamps Nothing and no one says Eclectic Orthodoxy more than On the Incarnation of the Word of God by St Athanasius. He is deeply beloved by Eastern Christians and Western Christians alike. And for good reason. St Athanasius … Continue reading

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Thinking Trinity: The Radical Homoousion

When in A.D. 325 the bishops of the Council of Nicaea declared (1) that Jesus Christ is begotten “from the substance of the Father” and (2) that he is “of one substance” (homoousios) with the Father, they probably did not … Continue reading

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Dionysian Ponderings: To let be or not let be–that is the question

Did the Lord God Almighty have to create the world? This is the question I now wish to pose to St Dionysius the Areopagite. It is a pressing question for Christian students of the Areopagite because he is so deeply … Continue reading

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“On the Incarnation” by St Athanasius

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St Athanasius and the Incarnation

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The Soteriological Significance of Christ’s Humanity in Saint Athanasius

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“But the Word is said to be and is alone from the Father because he is not a creature”

The council wished to banish the impious phrases of the Arians and to inscribe the words confessed by the Scriptures: that the Son is not from non-being but from God; that he is Word and Wisdom, neither creature nor something … Continue reading

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