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Ezekiel Sees the Risen Jesus!

And above the firmament over their heads there was the likeness of a throne, in appearance like sapphire; and seated above the likeness of a throne was a likeness as it were of a human form. And upward from what … Continue reading

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Wheels Within Wheels: The First Vision of Ezekiel

The vision of cherubim and divine throne is fantastic, bizarre, bewildering (Ezek 1:4-28). A theophanic storm draws near. Clearly we are to think back on the divine manifesta­tions to the twelve tribes of Israel, both on Mt Sinai and their … Continue reading

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Visioning Ezekiel with Robert W. Jenson

Chris Green’s introduction to the theology of Robert W. Jenson, The End is Music, persuaded me to finally begin rereading the Book of Ezekiel, accompanied by Jenson’s Brazos commentary, shockingly titled Ezekiel. I’m embar­rassed to admit that I have not … Continue reading

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“The early Christians really did believe that they were living in the ‘age to come’ for which Israel had longed, the time of forgiveness of sins, the gift of the Spirit”

What then did the earliest Christians mean when they said that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised from the dead? They cannot have meant that, though his body remained in a tomb, his spirit or soul was now safe in … Continue reading

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The Father, Justice, and the Hermeneutic of Love

When we confess that God is just, what is it that we mean? Perhaps we mean that God rewards good acts and punishes evil acts, either in this life or the next, in the exact propor­tion they deserve. Let us … Continue reading

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How to Subvert Divine Justice and Turn Everybody’s Lives Upside Down

Deep in the Christian heart lies the conviction that the God whom they worship is holy, just, and righteous. He rewards the good and punishes the wicked. “Surely,” someone might remark, “this is the most plausible way to read the … Continue reading

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Reading our way out of the Trinity

Over the past several years, I have watched on social media evangelicals and Protestants vigorously contest the doctrine of the Trinity. Is it supported by the plain reading of Holy Scripture? Is it truly biblical? Analytic philosopher Dale Tuggy has … Continue reading

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