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Reading the Scriptures with the Risen Christ

How was it that the disciples came to know Jesus as Lord, Son of God, incarnate Word? They did not acquire this knowledge by merely accompanying him on his travels around Galilee—the gospels make this point clearly enough. Nor did they … Continue reading

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Returning to the Paschal Christ: The Pre-Post-Modernity of John Behr

In his book The Mystery of Christ, Fr John Behr advances a two-pronged attack on modern theology: It treats dogmas as finished formulae, which can then be employed by the theologian without regard to “the way in which they were … Continue reading

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That All Shall Agree? David Bentley Hart, Romans 5:18-19, and Universal Salvation

by Daniel O’Brien The famed American philosopher and Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart caused no small outrage among Christian theologians of all denominations when he released his book That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation in 2019, appealing to … Continue reading

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PENULTIMATE: Exclusion Rhetoric in the Gospels

by Brad Jersak, Ph.D. READER’S QUESTION For many, one of the biggest obstacles to apocatastasis (the reconciliation of all) is Jesus’ own teachings. He seems not to have come right out and said that all will be saved, and his … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart, Divine Violence, and the Figurative Interpretation of Scripture

If you were hanging out on Twitter last Friday and Saturday, you may have come across a flurry of tweeting regarding David B. Hart and his controversial 2019 response to Peter Leithart. That response elicited from many the charge that … Continue reading

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Sometimes Eternity Ain’t Forever: Aiónios and the Universalist Hope

Words do not mean. People mean. ~ Alfred Korzybski ~ When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean– neither more nor less. ~ Humpty Dumpty ~ When discussing the question of eschatological punishment, defenders … Continue reading

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Last Judgment, Hell, and the Spear Wound of Christ

The Parable of the Last (Final, Great) Judgment—“No one who has heard this parable even once,” Robert Capon remarks, “ever forgets it” (Kingdom, Grace, Judgment, p. 504). It also poses the greatest challenge to Capon’s position on justification by faith … Continue reading

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Final Judgment and the Business of Faith

The Parable of the Talents—finally, an “easy” parable to write about. I preached on it many times during my parochial ministry, and I’m happy to say that my own interpretation through those years approximates Robert Capon’s, even though it antedates … Continue reading

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