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“To what place are we to follow Christ if not where he has already gone?”

When the Lord tells us in the Gospel that anyone who wants to be his follower must renounce himself, the injunction seems harsh; we think he is imposing a burden on us. But an order is no burden when it … Continue reading

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“For through the cross the nations were caught as in a net and the seeds of faith are sown everywhere”

The cross is raised and appears above the earth, which until recently malice had kept hidden. It is raised, not to receive glory (for with Christ nailed to it what greater glory could it have?) but to give glory to … Continue reading

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“God has done all his good works and done them well for our sake, knowing that we take pleasure in goodness”

Just as the divine law says that when God created the world “he saw all that he had made and it was very good,” so the Gospel, speaking of our redemption and re-creation, affirms: “He has done all things well. … Continue reading

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“The Church’s food is full of grace”

Who is this who gives me, miserable, wretched person that I am, yourself in the sweet sacrifice as the Church’s Bridegroom? I call you brother because you have become a man. You drink from the divine mother’s breast mercy and … Continue reading

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“Grace works, in short, by raising the dead, not by rewarding the living”

Jesus proceeds straight to the losers and the dead ducks who form the heart of the parable of the Great Banquet [Luke 14:15-24]. Here are people who are having the time of their lives—free food, free drinks, free costumes, a … Continue reading

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“He wills that the bonds of love, like the tendrils of a vine, should attach us to our neighbors and make us rest on them”

You need only to look at the vine to be reminded of your own nature, that is, if you observe it intelligently. No doubt you remember the image used by the Lord in which he says that he is the vine … Continue reading

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“Do all the things that are ordered by Christ, be ready for slaughter and daily death”

And, behold, one came and said to Him, Good Master, by doing what, shall I inherit eternal life? If he had come unto Him tempting, he would not have departed sorrowing for what he heard. This was not at any … Continue reading

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