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“The Chapel”

A little aside from the main road, becalmed in a last-century greyness, there is the chapel, ugly, without the appeal to the tourist to stop his car and visit it. The traffic goes by, and the river goes by, and … Continue reading

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“Filled with the delights of paradise, the saints place before us the wine of compunction”

How can we explain our zeal in attending this solemn gathering today, beloved, if not by the fact that our brothers and sisters who have been called away from us to Christ have summoned us all here? Gladly then let … Continue reading

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“In the Holy Spirit the cosmos is resurrected and grows with the birth pangs of the kingdom”

Without the Holy Spirit God is far away, Christ stays in the past, the Gospel is a dead letter, the Church is simply an organization, authority a matter of domination, mission a matter of propaganda, the Liturgy no more than … Continue reading

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The Kneeling Prayers of Pentecost

Deacon: Again and again, on bended knees, let us pray to the Lord. Choir: Lord, have mercy. (3x) Priest: O Lord, Who art immaculate, spotless, without beginning, invisible, incomprehensible, inscrutable, unchanging, unsurpassable, immeasurable, forbearing, Who alone hast immortality, Who dwellest … Continue reading

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“Since the day of Pentecost a rain of charisms, a river of blessings, has watered every desert and dry land”

Every Catholic knows that today’s solemnity ranks as one of the principal feasts of the Church. The reverence due to it is beyond all question, because this day is consecrated by the most sublime and wonderful gift of the Holy … Continue reading

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“Come, then, and receive the light, so that you may be able to see”

You have heard that story in the Gospel where we are told that the Lord Jesus, as he was passing by, caught sight of a man who had been blind from birth. Since the Lord did not overlook him, neither … Continue reading

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“God embraces and encompasses everything, and is in Himself everywhere and also above everything, worshipped by true worshippers in His Spirit and His Truth”

Do you see how forbearing and keen to learn the woman was? “Our Fathers,” she said, “worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the pace where men ought to worship” (John 4:20). … But when was … Continue reading

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