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“The death and raising of Lazarus were a perfect prefiguration of the death and resurrection of the Lord himself”

On his return from the underworld, Lazarus comes forth from the tomb, like death con­front­ing its conqueror, an image of the resurrection to come. Before we can fathom the depths of meaning behind this miracle, we must consider the way … Continue reading

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“When nature is defective, the Creator, who is the author of nature, has the power to restore it”

You have heard that story in the gospel where we are told that the Lord Jesus, as he was passing by, caught sight of a man who had been blind from birth. Since the Lord did not overlook him, neither ought … Continue reading

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“The power of Christ created you; the weakness of Christ recreated you”

“Wearied by his journey, Jesus sat down beside a well. It was about the sixth hour.” Already divine mysteries begin. Not for nothing is Jesus wearied; not for nothing does the Power of God suffer fatigue. Not for nothing does … Continue reading

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“He who had been promised beforehand by mysteriously veiled signs was now revealed clearly and distinctly in the radiance of his glory”

In the presence of chosen witnesses the Lord unveils his glory, investing with such splendor that bodily appearance which he shares with the rest of the human race that his face shines like the sun and his clothes become white … Continue reading

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“Love opens the eye of the soul to the sight of Jesus”

When love acts in the soul it does so wisely and gently, for it has great power to kill anger and envy, and all the passions of wrath and melancholy, and it brings into the soul the virtues of patience, … Continue reading

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“There is no one God detests and repudiates more than the person who bears a grudge, whose heart is filled with anger, whose soul is seething with rage”

Christ gave his life for you, and do you hold a grudge against your fellow servant? How then can you approach the table of peace? Your Master did not refuse to undergo every kind of suffering for you, and will … Continue reading

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“By the perfection of your lives attract to yourselves the grace of the Spirit so that the Lord of all creation may be glorified”

We who have once for all clothed ourselves in Christ, and been made worthy to have him dwelling within us, may show everyone, if we choose, simply by the strict discipline of our life and without saying a word, the … Continue reading

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