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A (New) Suspended Middle? On David Bentley Hart and the Nature-Grace Question

by Ty Monroe, Ph.D. Inasmuch as nature’s and grace’s distinction and relation entails the specific matter of human nature’s compatibil­ity with divinity—its ordering toward graced participa­tion in, likeness to, and ultimate unity with God—the nature-grace debate is much more than … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart, Divine Violence, and the Figurative Interpretation of Scripture

If you were hanging out on Twitter last Friday and Saturday, you may have come across a flurry of tweeting regarding David B. Hart and his controversial 2019 response to Peter Leithart. That response elicited from many the charge that … Continue reading

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If All Will Be Saved, Why Does God Allow for Sin?

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Doomed, Doomed . . . Doomed to Happiness

David Bentley Hart controversially asserts that human beings are doomed to everlasting happiness—yet should the claim be controversial? Christianity has long taught that the human being, created by the divine Word in the image of the Word, exists in dynamic orientation … Continue reading

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To Infinity and Beyond: Desire and Deification in the One-Storey Universe

In this final installment of my reflections upon You Are Gods, we come to the fourth, final, and most contentious highlight of the book: 4) Human beings are necessarily ordered to deification in Jesus Christ by virtue of their creation … Continue reading

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The Natural Desire for God: Pope Pius XII, Henri de Lubac, and David Bentley Hart

How can a conscious spirit be anything other than an absolute desire for God? ~ Henri de Lubac ~ In 1950 Pope Pius XII published his encyclical Humani generis. The encyclical summons theologians to faithfully defend the Catholic faith, as … Continue reading

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A Matter of Taste: A Review of You Are Gods

by Brian C. Moore, Ph. D. First off, I should begin by disabusing readers: this is not strictly a book review. I don’t really write book reviews. I am too given to confession, to wandering off the straight path, to … Continue reading

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Natura Pura in the One-Storey Universe

I continue with theological highlights of David Hart’s essay “Waking the Gods,” included in his new book You Are Gods. If you have not yet read my article “The One-Storey Universe of David Bentley Hart,” you may find it helpful to … Continue reading

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