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The Freedom to Create and the DBH Inquisition

One of the virtues of Fr James Dominic Rooney’s recent article “The Incoherencies of Hard Universalism” is that it has forced everyone to ask, Does David Bentley Hart teach the necessity of divine creation? Clearly Fr Rooney thinks that he … Continue reading

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“In creation God, who is never without his Word, nevertheless utters himself ‘outward’ to that which has being only because God’s address can never be without reply”

Creation’s being is God’s pleasure, creation’s beauty God’s glory; beauty reveals the shining of an uncreated light, a Taboric effulgence, upon all things, a claritas that discloses the lineaments of what it infuses and shows them to be the firm … Continue reading

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That All Shall Agree? David Bentley Hart, Romans 5:18-19, and Universal Salvation

by Daniel O’Brien The famed American philosopher and Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart caused no small outrage among Christian theologians of all denominations when he released his book That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation in 2019, appealing to … Continue reading

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Fr Rooney Takes on DBH and Universalism

If it is a necessary truth that all will be saved, something makes it so. The only way it would be impossible for anyone to go to hell is, that God could not do otherwise than cause human beings to … Continue reading

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Larry Chapp Interviews David Bentley Hart on Universalism and Gnosticism

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When God Becomes Jack Bauer: Torture, Hell, and the Greater Good

Moviegoers of a certain age will vividly remember the torture scene in the classic movie Dirty Harry. Inspector Harry Callahan tracks down the psychopath Scorpio who has kidnapped a teenager and threatened to kill her if a ransom of $200,000 … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart Responds to the Neo-Neo-Chalcedonians

Dear Al, It seems to come as a shock to some that I am not a partisan of the school of thought you have dubbed “NC” (for Neo-Chalcedonianism). And yet, as it happens, I most definitely am not. It would … Continue reading

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Vedantic Christian Theology (VCT)

Over the past two days there’s been a rumpus on Twitter between the Hartians and the new Neochal­cedonians, partially due to Jordan Daniel Wood’s vigorous advo­cacy and Ty Monroe’s review of You Are Gods: “A (New) Suspended Middle?” (which, by the … Continue reading

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