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Will All Be Saved?

by Richard John Neuhaus The question of universalism—whether all will, in the end, be saved—is perennially agita­ted in the Christian tradition. A notable proponent of that view was the great Origen, who, in the third century, set forth a theologically … Continue reading

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Theodicy, Hell, and David Bentley Hart

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. In his recent blog post “The Morality of Gehenna,” Father Lawrence Farley defends the com­patibility of traditional notions of hell with the Goodness of the Christian God. His voice is certainly not inhumane. He recognizes … Continue reading

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Sin, Hell, and the Victory of Pascha

I am reposting this 2016 article by Brian Moore because it is one of the finest articles on universal salvation that has been published on Eclectic Orthodoxy during its seven glorious years of existence. Given that we are presently living … Continue reading

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Huis Clos

by Tom Belt To repeat David Hart: I never get my own title. I was going to go with something a bit lighter (‘Come Hell or High Water’, ‘A Bat Out of Hell’, ‘To Hell and Back’), but in the … Continue reading

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Apocatastasis: The Heresy That Never Was

When first presented with the universalist hope, many Orthodox and Roman Catholics imme­diately invoke the authority of the Fifth Ecumenical Council (A.D. 553), citing the fifteen anti-Origenist anathemas: “Apokatastasis has been dogmatically defined by the Church as heresy—see canon 1 … Continue reading

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A Philosophical Case for Preferring Universalism to Annihilationism

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“What matters most is the fundamental option of one’s life for God, illumined from the inside, permeated with a feeling of inner meaning, stronger than the fear of sin, futility, void and hopelessness”

Some of the outstanding theologians and hierarchs of the Christian Churches speak today a language totally different from the one heard during the past centuries. In his conversa­tions with Patriarch Bartholomew I, a French Orthodox theologian, Olivier Clément, summarised his … Continue reading

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