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Universal Salvation: Love Is Its Own Necessity

I know that some are wondering why I have spent so much blog time featuring discussion of Fr James Dominic Rooney’s article “The Incoherences of Hard Universalism” and why I have now written yet another piece on it. I wonder … Continue reading

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St Augustine on the ‘Last Things’ and Human Destiny: Is Eschatological Universalism Possible?

by Fr. Robert Deinhammer, S.J. In this essay, I am going to outline some basic aspects of Augustinian eschatology and identify its problems. What is the ultimate destiny of the human race according to St. Augustine? Was Augustine right in … Continue reading

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James Dominic Rooney’s Critique of Universalism

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. In an article entitled “The Incoherencies of Hard Universalism,” recently published in Church Life Journal (18 October 2022), James Dominic Rooney argues that universalism is a serious heresy that Christians should clearly reject. He begins his … Continue reading

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On Judgment Day

by Hans Christian Andersen The most solemn of all the days of our life is the day we die. It is judgment day, the great sacred day of transfiguration. Have you really seriously given a fleeting thought to that grave … Continue reading

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Universal Salvation and Free Will: A Response to Fr James Dominic Rooney

by Jeremiah Carey, Ph.D. Fr. James Dominic Rooney’s recent attack on universalism, and David Bentley Hart’s version of it in particular, contains so many claims and takes a stand on so many contentious fundamental issues in philosophy and theology that … Continue reading

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An Argument for Universalism

by Josh Rasmussen, Ph.D. Suppose there is a perfect being (God)–a being maximal in power, knowledge, and goodness. Then this being will likely “save” (restore relationship with) everyone (all humans) eventually because: 1. God desires that everyone enjoy union with … Continue reading

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“But if punishment is to be weighed out according to sin, not even so would punishment be endless”

Some of the Fathers terrify us beyond our strength and throw us into despair; and their opinion is well adapted to the simple-minded and trangressors of the law. Others of them encourage us and bid us rely upon Divine mercy; … Continue reading

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Love Unmasked: Nietzsche on Eternal Hell

by Christopher Howell, Ph.D. Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric mov’d: To rear me was the … Continue reading

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