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The Proclamatory Rule of the Gospel: Preach Good News!

What difference does apokatastasis make to the churchly preaching of the gospel? All the difference in the world, all the difference to the world! How we understand the conclusion of the gospel story informs how we tell the story. About fifteen … Continue reading

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St Isaac the Syrian and the Triumphant Love of God

How do we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ as good news that liberates and transforms? How do we tell the narrative of the Savior in such a way that the kingdom of God is made present?  These are the … Continue reading

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Permit Me to Hope

by Sinner Irenaeus (Brad Jersak, Ph.D.) “That is all I ask of Orthodoxy—to permit me to hope.” — Fr. Aiden Kimel After a decade of catechesis and struggle under the guidance of my spiritual father, Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, and godfather, David … Continue reading

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Balthasar: The Hopeful Non-Universalist

by Henry C. Karlson, III Hans Urs von Balthasar’s hope that all could be saved has led many people to condemn him as a heretic, claiming that such hope is a weak form of universalism. Many who support Balthasar likewise … Continue reading

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Free-will Theodicies of Hell

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. Every free-will theodicy of hell (and, for that matter, every free-will defense of it as well) rests upon an incompatibilist (or so-called libertarian) understanding of human freedom. C. S. Lewis, one of the earliest proponents of … Continue reading

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How to Read the Bible from a Universalist Perspective

by Thomas Talbott, Ph.D. Introduction I begin with a confession. For I must confess here at the outset that I am now utterly confident in the exegetical case for a universalist reading of the Bible as a whole, and I … Continue reading

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Apocatastasis: The Heresy that Never Was

When first presented with the universalist hope, many Orthodox and Roman Catholics immediately invoke the authority of the Fifth Ecumenical Council (553), citing the fifteen anti-Origenist anathemas: “Apokatastasis has been dogmatically defined by the Church as heresy—see canon 1 … … Continue reading

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