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If God is going to deify everyone anyway, why not deify everyone immediately?

by David Bentley Hart Frankly, Al, I find the question very strange. In part, because its premise is an absolute banality: that life is a kind of contest, played within the arbitrary constraints of the clock, at the end of … Continue reading

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When Hell Becomes Dogma: The Closing of the Catholic Mind

My working principle: once eternal damnation is accepted by an ecclesial community as dogmatically binding, three things happen: Holy Scripture and the patristic tradition will be read through the dogma. Preaching and theological speculation will be governed by this dogma, … Continue reading

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Universalism’s Convenientia

by Paul J. Griffiths Among the criteria that theologians use to determine what to say next and how to say it – to know how to go on in theology, that is – is appeal to convenientia.1 Fittingness, that is, … Continue reading

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Dwarfs for the Dwarfs: Can Aslan Pierce our Infernal Deafness?

If the greater hope is to be fulfilled, then it must be possible for those who die in a state of mortal sin—and thus outside of Christ Jesus—to repent of their sins and turn to God in faith. Yet how … Continue reading

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Is Post-Mortem Repentance Possible for Mortal Sinners?

Roman Catholic theology has traditionally held that all who die in mortal sin are eternally con­demned and beyond repentance. Thus the Cath­olic Catechism: “To die in mortal sin with­out repenting and accepting God’s merci­ful love means remaining separated from him … Continue reading

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Universal Salvation and Consensus in Medieval Islam

A fascinating and instructive lecture by Dr Jon Hoover on a debate among medieval scholars on the question of universal salvation. Viewers will discover that it is not irrelevant to present-day Christian discussions of this question.

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“God, Creation, and Evil” by David Bentley Hart

Readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy are well acquainted with David Hart’s 2015 Notre Dame lecture. I have read the written version of the lecture on multiple occasions, but have only listened to it once. It’s a powerful address, both in its … Continue reading

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Preaching Good Good Very Good News: Proclamation, Liturgy, Kingdom

Preach the gospel in the performative mode of uncondi­tional promise—let’s call this the proclamatory rule of the gospel. It comes into play when the gospel-speaker is declaring the good news of Jesus Christ to one or more individuals, with the … Continue reading

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