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A Philosophical Case for Preferring Universalism to Annihilationism

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“What matters most is the fundamental option of one’s life for God, illumined from the inside, permeated with a feeling of inner meaning, stronger than the fear of sin, futility, void and hopelessness”

Some of the outstanding theologians and hierarchs of the Christian Churches speak today a language totally different from the one heard during the past centuries. In his conversa­tions with Patriarch Bartholomew I, a French Orthodox theologian, Olivier Clément, summarised his … Continue reading

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“Whoever denies the freedom of coming out from the existential state of Gehenna believes in fact in the ultimate victory of evil over at least a part of God’s creatures”

In defending human freedom traditional theology assumes that we are able to reject God ultimately and irreversibly. This assumption is one of the foundations of the doctrine on the actual possibility of eternal damnation and the real existence of hell. … Continue reading

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The Possibility of a Thomistic Universalism: A Review of David Bentley Hart’s ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

by Taylor Nutter It seems prudent to begin this review of That All Shall Be Saved by following Hart in the confession of my own perspective. That perspective, after all, sets the conditions for the conclusions at which I will … Continue reading

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May Catholics Endorse Universalism?

by Justin Shaun Coyle, Ph.D. “Hopeful.” That’s what Catholics typically call the eschatology native to Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Dare We Hope “That All Men Be Saved”? Some few of us Catholics, however, find in it only despair. Some few of … Continue reading

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Theodicy and Apokatastasis

by David Bentley Hart, Ph.D. My thanks for Dr Shinji Akemi’s review of That All Shall Be Saved, and my apologies for the relative brevity of my reply. Though, before getting to that reply, I should preface it by noting … Continue reading

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Hell as Universal Purgatory

“A human being cannot fail to love the Christ who is revealed in him, and he cannot fail to love himself revealed in Christ” (The Bride of the Lamb, p. 459). This striking statement represents the most provocative claim in … Continue reading

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