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“The love that brought forth the existence of all things, changes not through the fall of its creatures, but is continually at work, to bring back all fallen nature and creature to their first state of goodness”

Love, goodness, and communication of good, is the immutable glory and perfection of the divine nature, and nothing can have union with God, but that which partakes of this goodness. The love that brought forth the existence of all things, … Continue reading

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Seeking Theodicy: Sergius Bulgakov and the Apoktastasis

We seek theodicy. We desiderate a convincing justification for the suffering, privation, violence, futility, and death of this world. We desire assurance that this world is good and our Creator is good. We need hope that Christ will triumph over … Continue reading

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Apokatastasis and the Theodicy Objection

Until the reviews of That All Shall Be Saved started coming in, I never considered theodicy as a possible objection to the greater hope. Roberto De La Noval was the first reviewer to raise the question: If God can be judged … Continue reading

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The Demonic Void and the Apokatastasis of Satan

St Paisios the Athonite once fasted and prayed for two weeks for the eternal salvation of the devil. While praying he saw a dog’s head sticking his tongue out and mocking him. Paisios con­cluded from this incident that “God is … Continue reading

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The Triumph of the Kingdom Over Gehenna

“Those who are punished in Gehenna are scourged by the scourge of love”—these famous words of St Isaac the Syrian have profoundly influenced the Orthodox understanding of hell and damnation. Readers of St Isaac’s writings have for centuries assumed that … Continue reading

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St Isaac of Nineveh and the Scourge of Love

God has created humanity for eternal communion with himself. By love he has created us for love to share in the Trinitarian paradise of love. Hear the inspiring words of St Isaac of Nineveh: Paradise is the love of God, … Continue reading

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St Augustine of Hippo and the Misericordes

Over the past decade I have noticed—and perhaps you have too—that most Christians who have thought about matters eschatological believe that Origen of Alexandria concocted out of the blue the doctrine of universal salvation. But in truth the greater hope … Continue reading

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Revisiting (yet again!) the Fifth Ecumenical Council

I have spent the past five days revising my article “Did the Fifth Ecumenical Council Condemn Universal Salvation?” I originally wrote the article six years ago and have returned to it from time to time to revise, expand, and correct … Continue reading

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