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St. Gregory of Nyssa–Teacher of Eternal Damnation?

by C. T. Cohen One reader of Eclectic Orthodoxy has brought up two passages from St. Gregory of Nyssa’s work De Infantibus Praemature Abreptis (On Infant’s Early Deaths). On the face of it, one of these two sections may suggest … Continue reading

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“Once through death we fell away from life, now it is by life that death is destroyed”

The true Sabbath rest, the one which received God’s benediction, in which the Lord rested from his own works by keeping Sabbath for the world’s salvation in the inactivity of death, has now reached its goal and has displayed its … Continue reading

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Apprehending Apokatastasis: The Vision of St Gregory of Nyssa

The greatest challenge for the preacher of the greater hope is to articulate a vision of Jesus as mediator of apokatastasis. It is insufficient for him or her to occasionally declare: “Oh, by the way, all will be well.” Our … Continue reading

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In illud: Tunc et ipse filius

by St Gregory of Nyssa All the utterances of the Lord are holy and pure as the prophet says [cf. Ps 33.4-5]. When the mind (nous) has been purified as silver in fire and cleansed of every heretical notion, it … Continue reading

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“Let us no longer seek the living among the dead”

But even as I speak I sense myself lit up by the luminous robe of the angel, and that sweet earthquake shakes my heart with pleasure, rolling away the heavy stone of the human tomb, through which the door of … Continue reading

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‘For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn’: St. Gregory of Nyssa and the Allegorical Sense of Scripture

by George Repper The question of God’s providence and evil is one that tends to crop up every now and again. For me at least, the question over whether God’s providence is the direct cause of evil or not is … Continue reading

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Are Trinitarians Polytheists?

If Father, Son, and Spirit are each divine, then why are they not three gods? We are finally prepared to look more closely at St Gregory of Nyssa’s provocative answer in his Ad Ablabium. As we have seen, Gregory has … Continue reading

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Was St Gregory Nyssen a Proto-Palamite?

The title is intentionally provocative, and I’m afraid the article will disappoint if you are hoping for a definitive answer to the question. While I have read a fair amount of the secondary literature about St Gregory Palamas’s famous distinction … Continue reading

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