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The Pope’s New Beard

Pope Francis confirmed today that God has removed the final obstacle to Catholic-Orthodox reunion. “I woke up this morning,” he explained to reporters, “looked in the mirror and, lo and behold, there I was looking back at myself with a … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Origenist Resurrection Bodies Finally Solved!

For centuries historians have been wondered what the sixth-century Origenists really meant when they taught that at the general resurrection human beings will be given spherical bodies. It’s really quite baffling. A spherical body? What the frack! Who wants a … Continue reading

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Whose Dogs Go to Heaven?

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The Heretical Thomist Coffee Cup

There is only one possible Orthodox response to this heretical Thomist coffee cup. Anathema! Anathema! Anathema sit!

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The Wicked Witch is Dead!

Tonight I think I shall watch ‘The Wizard of Oz’!!!

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Don’t forget the Neoplatonists!

The important Neoplatonist constituency is always overlooked during Presidential campaigns!

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And the battle for the gospel begins …

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How long will the coronavirus last?

  This morning I asked the Lord, “How long will the coronavirus last?” He replied, “Aiõnios.” I hate it when he speaks Greek.

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