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And the battle for the gospel begins …

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How long will the coronavirus last?

  This morning I asked the Lord, “How long will the coronavirus last?” He replied, “Aiõnios.” I hate it when he speaks Greek.

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Theological Chickens

St Augustine: Late have I crossed the road, so ancient and so new. Late have I crossed you. St Francis of Assisi: It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching. Therefore, I crossed the … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Graduates From the David Bentley Hart School of Theology

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Rolling into the Kingdom!

The Tenth Anathema of the famous anti-Origenist Fifteen reads: If anyone shall say that after the resurrection the body of the Lord was ethereal, having the form of a sphere, and that such shall be the bodies of all after … Continue reading

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The Seven Ecumenical Councils in Nutshells

1) Council of Nicaea (325): “Have you homoousiosed today?” 2) Council of Constantinople (381): “Second verse same as the First, but now with the Holy Spirit.” 3) Council of Ephesus (431): “Nononestorius.” 4) Council of Chalcedon (451): “When men were … Continue reading

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Holy Saturday Evangelism

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Was St Nicholas a Klingon?

126,000 impressions so far (“impressions”=the number of times people on Twitter have seen the tweet)! Star Trek and the Saints are a powerful combination! The great debate among patristic scholars: Was St Nicholas a Klingon? — Fr Aidan Kimel … Continue reading

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