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WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

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Gain an hour, lose an hour — it’s all too metronomic!

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How does time work in the afterlife?

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How to Begin Your Day Right!

(Created by Brian Moore)

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The Profundity of Preaching

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Pope abolishes hell …

Ben Myers (aka @FaithTheology) is on a roll over at Twitter. I don’t know if he’s the creator of the “Pope abolishes hell” meme, but he’s certainly contributing to it in an inspired way. Here are some of my favorites! … Continue reading

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Cosmology According to Kimel

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Why did the ecclesial chicken cross the road?

The Catholic: She wasn’t sure that advice to stay where she was had been infallible as distinct from calling for mere religious submission. The Orthodox: Because her side of the road was becoming dangerously susceptible to Latin influence. The Episcopalian: … Continue reading

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