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C. S. Lewis and the Fall: Must Death Always be Evil?

“For God is life, and the privation of life is death,” writes St Basil the Great. “Therefore Adam prepared death for himself through his withdrawal from God, in accord with what is written, ‘Behold, those who remove themselves from you … Continue reading

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“If there be a Father, verily he will hear, and let the child know that he hears!”

If there be a God, and I am his creature, there may be, there should be, there must be some communication open between him and me. If any one allow a God, but one scarce good enough to care about … Continue reading

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“In the Crucifixion of Messias necessity and freedom had mutually crucified each other, and both had risen again”

To say that Calvin was influenced by Augustine is a meiosis; Augustine is invoked on almost every page of the great Institutes. He says of him, in speaking of the great doctrine of Election, “I need no words but his,” … Continue reading

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“Alas, the inebriation was deep; Luther had drunk of the intoxicating Blood”

In 1517 a travelling preacher of Indulgences came near to Wittenburg; the Elector of Saxony had forbidden the sale to take place in his dominions, and the frontier was not crossed. The preacher was a Dominican named Tetzel; his work … Continue reading

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“But all Christendom, and especially Augustine, knew that only Christ could act Christ”

“Augustine, from his small seaport on the North African coast, swayed the whole Western Church as its intellectual dictator” [N. P. Williams]. He had been converted like St. Paul; he had seized Christ through Paul. He rose into Christendom from … Continue reading

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What the Cross Meant to Charles Williams

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“Depth below depth of meaning lies in that phrase–‘My Eros is crucified'”

The tiara of the pontiff-Emperor and the tiara of the Roman Bishop arose above the new world. But there were other and more spectacular changes, some of them particular, as in the ritual about the Emperor, some general, as in … Continue reading

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