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To whom the heavy burden clings, It yet may serve him like a staff; One day the cross will break in wings, The sinner laugh a holy laugh. The dwarfed Zacchaeus climbed a tree, His humble stature set him high; … Continue reading

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It’s Time for a Theological Ghost Story

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On Charles Williams: ‘An effort to avoid Cant’

by David Llewellyn Dodds Stephen Barber, ed., The Celian Moment and Other Essays by Charles Williams (Carterton, Oxon.: The Greystones Press Ltd, 2017) [xxviii + 132 pages]: paperback 12.99 pounds sterling. Humphrey Carpenter, author of The Inklings (1978), once told … Continue reading

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Perelandra and the Mystery of Male and Female

by Edith M. Humphrey, Ph.D. (This reflection comes largely from the last chapter of my forthcoming book on C. S. Lewis, Further Up and Further In: Orthodox Conversations with C. S. Lewis on Scripture and Theology, St. Vladimir’s Press. It … Continue reading

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The Cosmic Dance that is God the Holy Trinity

After his harrowing battle with the Un-man and his rebirth in the bowels of Perelandra, Elwin Ransom finds his way to a hidden “valley pure rose-red, with ten or twelve of the glowing peaks about it, and in the centre … Continue reading

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The Dispassionate Sybil and the Cosmic Dance

Almost forty years ago I read my first novel by Charles Williams. I do not recall why I chose it. It was not the first or even the second novel that he wrote, nor is it one that most readers … Continue reading

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“Every self-assertion, every form of self-seeking however small or poor, world-noble or grotesque, is a separating and scattering force”

These two promises, of seeing God, and being filled with righteousness, have place between the individual man and his father in heaven directly; the promise I now come to, has place between a man and his God as the God … Continue reading

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