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Mysteries and Problems

“Mysteries can never be solved. The deeper you enter into a mystery, the deeper the mystery itself gets. Nor can you think your way out of a mystery, because to do so is to reduce the mystery to the standing … Continue reading

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Manuals and Rule Books

by Fr Herbert McCabe, O.P. Several commentators have found the most difficult teaching of the encyclical Veritatis Splendor to be its insistence that we can describe certain kinds of human acts which will be morally wrong whenever and however and … Continue reading

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Denys Turner on God and Atheism

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Open Theism, Eternity, and the Biblical God

Twenty some years ago I read the ground­breaking book The Openness of God—a collection of essays by evangelical theologians and philosophers who argue that the “biblical” God who does not foreknow the future. This understanding has since become known as “open theism.” … Continue reading

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Denys Turner: How Could a Good God Allow Evil?

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Herbert McCabe, Robert Farrar Capon, and the Mystery of Divine Love

“It is very odd,” writes Fr Herbert McCabe, “that people should think that when we do good God will reward us and when we do evil he will punish us” (Faith Within Reason, p. 155). It’s not surprising, of course, … Continue reading

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Herbert McCabe and the Unfathomable Mystery of Divine Forgiveness

Consider the following scenario: We sin and God gets angry. Desiring reconciliation, we repent and plead for mercy. God forgives. This is put crudely. Eastern readers may protest that the scenario is alien to the Orthodox understanding of God; Protestants … Continue reading

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