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The Free-Will Defense and the Impossible Worlds of Molinism

The free-will defense of evil and suffering is a failure—so Hugh McCann con­tends. This verdict sur­prises, given the opinion of so many phi­losophers that Alvin Plan­tin­ga’s argument succeeds resoundingly. But it succeeds, maintains McCann, only be­cause it aban­dons God’s provi­dential … Continue reading

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C. S. Lewis, Alvin Plantinga, and the Free-Will Defense

Why did God create a world filled with evil and horrific violence? In the midst of World War II, C. S. Lewis offered what has become a classic Christian response: God created things which had free will. That means creatures which … Continue reading

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Introducing William Desmond: God as Agapeic Origin

by Christopher Ben Simpson, Ph.D. The metaxological sense of being is a vision of being that entails genuine otherness, tran­scen­dence, and difference in the midst of community. Central to this vision is the way in which divine otherness or God … Continue reading

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Introducing William Desmond: Metaphysics and the Fourfold Sense of Being

by Christopher Ben Simpson, Ph.D. Metaphysics Metaphysics asks the question of being: the meaning of being—the significance of the “to be” (BB 3). Metaphysics also asks the ultimate “why” of being: why being and not nothing? (BB 4; HG 3). … Continue reading

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Perfect Being Theology, Theistic Personalism, and the Eclipse of the Apophatic

Readers of this blog are well-acquainated with the term “theistic personalism.” It was coined by Brian Davies to describe what he believes to be a problematic understanding of divinity, commonly advanced by analytic philosophers. He specifically names Alvin Plantinga and … Continue reading

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The Incredibility of Free Will Defenses of Hell: A Response to Hart’s Fourth Meditation

by Keith DeRose, Ph.D. In certain Christian circles, free will accounts are the go-to defenses of hell—and here I mean defenses of hell on which many humans are forever excluded from heaven. I blame C. S. Lewis, and particularly the … Continue reading

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The Kenotic Image: St Sophrony and Austin Farrer on the Imagination

by Rex Bradshaw 1948 saw the publication of two books that I would like to put in dialogue. One was the Bampton Lectures for that year, delivered by Oxford fellow and chaplain Father Austin Farrer, under the title The Glass … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas and the Contuition of Divinity

I begin with confession: I do not know if the five ways of St Thomas Aquinas succeed as proofs for the existence of God. I lack the competence to offer an opinion. But even philoso­phers who do have the necessary … Continue reading

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