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Plotinus, Augustine, and the One God

by Alexander Earl In my previous article, “In Defense of Christian Platonism,” I introduced the contours for defending a substantive relationship between Christianity and Platonism; the two are irrevocably entangled, and any attempt to separate them will inevitably lead to … Continue reading

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Imaging the Divine

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All God’s Instruments

by Thomas M. Cothran 1. Preamble God causes all of our actions, including our acts of choosing. He does not merely give mankind the power of choice, he causes the act of choosing itself. We are mere instruments of God’s … Continue reading

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A First Lesson in Metaphysics

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In Defense of Christian Platonism

by Alexander Earl “That it is especially with the Platonists that we must carry on our disputations on matters of theology, their opinions being preferable to those of all other philosophers.” ~ St Augustine of Hippo I. Introductions St Augustine … Continue reading

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“Neither the One nor God can be the same as Mega-Big, Galactic Engineers, nor yet the Gnostic demiurge laldobaoth”

The first, historical, answer to the question my title poses (‘What has Plotinus’ One to do with God?‘) is obviously that theologians in all three major Abrahamic faiths shared Plotinus’ conception, of a transcendent and incomprehensible simple, having no properties, … Continue reading

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Introducing William Desmond: God as Agapeic Origin

by Christopher Ben Simpson, Ph.D. The metaxological sense of being is a vision of being that entails genuine otherness, transcendence, and difference in the midst of community. Central to this vision is the way in which divine otherness or God … Continue reading

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