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Theistic Personalism and the Erosion of Classical Christian Theism

Readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy know that Calvinism is, to put it mildly, “beyond my sympathies” (to use a phrase that Tolkien liked). But there are Calvinist theologians out there from which we can learn a great deal. Dr James Dolezal … Continue reading

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On the Putative Threat of Modal Collapse Within the Doctrine of Divine Simplicity

by Alexander Earl Prompted by Dionysius’s doctrine of God and its Neoplatonic foundations, the question of Divine freedom has been the subject of theological reflection on this blog for the past few months. That it would become a sustained avenue of … Continue reading

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William Desmond on the Hyperbole of Being

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Plotinus, Augustine, and the One God

by Alexander Earl In my previous article, “In Defense of Christian Platonism,” I introduced the contours for defending a substantive relationship between Christianity and Platonism; the two are irrevocably entangled, and any attempt to separate them will inevitably lead to … Continue reading

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Imaging the Divine

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All God’s Instruments

by Thomas M. Cothran 1. Preamble God causes all of our actions, including our acts of choosing. He does not merely give mankind the power of choice, he causes the act of choosing itself. We are mere instruments of God’s … Continue reading

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A First Lesson in Metaphysics

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