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William Desmond on Atheism as the Default Religion of Modernity


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God is Different Because of the World

Norris Clarke is clear—he does not seek a repristination of the metaphysics of St Thomas Aquinas. He speaks, rather, of a “creative retrieval”; and some of his views can be pretty creative, at least by Thomist standards. Consider Clarke’s position … Continue reading

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Beyond the Submlime: The Aesthetics of the Analogy of Being

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Simon Oliver and John Milbank on the Analogy of Being

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Adrian Pabst on Metaphysics, Plato, and Christian Theology

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Analogy of Being: Knowing God in Similarity within Dissimilarity

How is it possible to speak meaningfully of the infinite and transcendent God? By definition he is not an object of our sensible, perhaps not even of our intellectual, experience; yet human language is grounded in our experience of the … Continue reading

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Existing is more than Existence

The problem of the one and the many, writes Norris Clarke, “is the ultimate paradox of being and the deepest and the most fundamental problem of all metaphysics, of every intellectual effort to achieve a total, unified vision of all … Continue reading

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