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Robert W. Jenson on the Resurrection

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Transubstantiation: Was Thomas Aquinas a Semi-Calvinist?

“The colour and shape of the host is not the colour and shape of Christ’s body,” declares Herbert McCabe; “the location of the host, its being on the altar does not mean that Christ’s body is located on the altar; … Continue reading

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Preaching gospel: historical faith versus living faith

Back in 1999 there was great rejoicing among ecumenical folks (myself included) when the Joint Declaration on Justification was signed by representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation. Almost 20 years later, it’s unclear whether it … Continue reading

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“On Abortion” by Robert W. Jenson

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“The God of the Gospel” by Robert W. Jenson

This address by Robert W. Jenson was delivered at a conference in Baltimore which Fr William McKeachie and I organized. Old St Paul’s Church hosted the event. The year was 1992, but neither William nor I remember the month or … Continue reading

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“A Call to Faithfulness” by Robert W. Jenson

Robert W. Jenson delivered this address to the “A Call to Faithfulness” conference at St Olaf College in June 1990. It speaks as powerfully, and relevantly, to the Church today as it did 28 years ago. Whether you are Protestant, … Continue reading

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Hell, Freedom, and the Predestinating Gospel

But what about HELL? This is always the first question posed when confronted with Robert W. Jenson’s understanding of the gospel as unconditional promise. If the Church is authorized to speak the Kingdom to all comers, does this not imply universal … Continue reading

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