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Robert Jenson on St Augustine and the Logic of Grace

Augustine’s fundamental insight, against Pelagians or Arminians (full, semi-, demi-semi-, or whatever) is veridical: theology that makes my conversion, or my subsequent persevering in sanctity or growing in it, dependent on my own decision to seek holiness or on my … Continue reading

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The Proclamatory Rule of the Gospel

On 27 November 2014 I gave a talk titled “St Isaac the Syrian, Apokatastasis, and the Renewal of Orthodox Preaching” at the first Theotokos Institute Conference in Cardiff, Wales. An expanded, footnoted version of the talk will be published in … Continue reading

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Can Lutherans Commit Mortal Sins?

Karl Barth speaks for the Reformed tradition when he rejects the traditional distinction between mortal and venial sins. This distinction, he writes, “assumes a quantitative concept of sin which cannot be united with the decisive seriousness of the divine judgment … Continue reading

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Transubstantiation: Was St Thomas Aquinas a Semi-Calvinist?

“The colour and shape of the host is not the colour and shape of Christ’s body; the location of the host, its being on the altar does not mean that Christ’s body is located on the altar; the fact that … Continue reading

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St Vincent of Lérins: Are Ecumenical Councils Infallible?

It is now time to get down to cases. How does St Vincent of Lérins envision the practical resolution of doctrinal disputes? How does the Church go about distinguishing between profectus and permutationes? In the beginning of the Commonitorium, Vincent … Continue reading

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Nicaea: Pushing the Biblical Understanding of Divinity

I came across a blog article on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity with which I strongly disagree: “The Heart of Trinitarian Conflicts.” The author identifies two conflicting impulses at the heart of the fourth century trinitarian conflict—“faithfulness to the … Continue reading

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“Joining the Eternal Conversation” by Robert W. Jenson

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