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The Reproaches


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The Face of God: Shroud of Turin and Orthodoxy

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An interview with David Bentley Hart 

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“Come, you who fostered my love, for I am love”

As the holy Gospel clearly proclaims, the Son of Man will gather together all nations. “He will separate people one from another, as a shepherd separates sheep from goats. The sheep he will place at his right hand, the goats … Continue reading

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“God is Working His Purpose Out”

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Do We Have Consensus: Decision-making in the parish church

This is a short unpublished paper that I found very useful during my years as a parish pastor. If you are a pastor, you too may find it useful. Even if you’re not, you may find ways to adapt the … Continue reading

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Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser: Divine Agency and Human Freedom

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
Because God is the infinite source and ground of all reality, he transcendently causes everything that is and everything that occurs, yet not in a way that conflicts with the scientific apprehension of the world.…

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