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Hugh McCann and the Simplicity of Divinity

The late Hugh J. McCann characterizes his book Creation and the Sovereignty of God as an exercise in perfect being theology: “I wish to defend the thesis that God is an absolutely perfect being, who as creator exercises complete sovereignty over … Continue reading

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Perfect Being Theology, Theistic Personalism, and the Eclipse of the Apophatic

Readers of this blog will by now be well-acquainated with the term “theistic personalism.” It was coined by Brian Davies to describe what he believes to be a problematic understanding of divinity, commonly advanced by analytic philosophers. He specifically names … Continue reading

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Is God a Turtle?

Analytic philosopher Jason Waller discusses the question of the necessity of God in his article: “Can only abstract objects exist by necessity?” He is responding to an argument that only abstract objects necessarily exist: God is a concrete object, not … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Fix the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Bloggers live to be read; but when another blogger actually writes an article in response to something one has published … well … that is cyberheaven. It’s like one’s very existence has been validated. So when Dale Tuggy responded to … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Be Saved?

My tongue must be firmly placed in my check, for surely—surely!—there is one possible world in which analytic philosophers are in fact saved. Perhaps this world is that one. Perhaps. The question wickedly crossed my mind while I perused a … Continue reading

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