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St Gregory the Theologian and the Apollinarian Nonsense

A God-man without a human mind—that appears to have been the view advanced by Apollinarius in the late 4th century. I suppose it makes some kind of sense. If the divine spirit effectively substitutes for the human mind in Jesus … Continue reading

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Mixing and Blending: The Orthodox Recipe for Theanthropos

“He comes forth, God with what he assumed, one from two opposites, flesh and spirit, the one deifying and the other deified. O the new mixture! O the paradoxical blending! He who is comes into being, and the uncreated is … Continue reading

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Apollinarius and the Truncated Humanity of Christ

Virtually all I know about Apollinarius of Laodicea is that his heresy elicited a memorable response from St Gregory the Theologian: “What has not been assumed has not been healed.” (If I knew anything more—like back in seminary days—it was … Continue reading

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