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Re-thinking the Arian Crisis

Dale Tuggy has posted a podcast in which Bill Hasker reviews recent scholarship regarding the fourth century trinitarian debates. From what I can tell Hasker is reading from his recent book Metaphysics and the Tri-Personal God. Given how expensive the … Continue reading

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Thinking Trinity: No God Behind the Back of Jesus

What if the Nicene assertion of Christ’s Jesus’ consubstantial unity with the Father is not true? In the previous article I focused on the story of the paralytic and Christ’s word of forgiveness and argued that if Christ is not … Continue reading

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Thinking Trinity: The Radical Homoousion

When in A.D. 325 the bishops of the Council of Nicaea declared that Jesus Christ is begotten “from the substance of the Father” and “of one substance” with him, they probably did not foresee the momentous dogmatic consequences of their … Continue reading

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St Basil the Great versus the Heresiarch

Contra Eunomium was St Basil the Great’s first dogmatic treatise. It represents one of the most important pieces of fourth century reflection on the the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the nature of theological language. Though Basil would subsequently … Continue reading

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