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Can Reason Prove the Existence of God?

Back in 1974, after five or six years of atheism, I began to believe in the existence of God. I couldn’t have been more surprised. I thought my atheism was rock-solid. So what effected the change? A philosophical argument. Yes, … Continue reading

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Why Denial of Divine Simplicity Implies Atheism

For much of my theological life, I have not understood the notion of divine simplicity nor thought it important to understand. What has divine simplicity to do with the lively God of the Bible‽ Even after I began to read … Continue reading

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Hitting a Royal Flush and the Fine-Tuning Argument for the Existence of God

One of our Eclectic Orthodoxy readers yesterday brought to my attention this discussion between Hans Halvorson and Sean Carroll. It’s a thoughtful discussion and I commend it to my readers. I was pleased to see Halvorson raising questions about the … Continue reading

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God, Elves, and Silly Atheists

Atheist apologist John Loftus just posted the following on his blog Debunking Christianity, with the title “Technically Speaking We Cannot Prove or Disprove the Existence of Trolls, Fairies or Elves”: My first impression of this argument: how silly; my second … Continue reading

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Thomas Wingfold, Curate: Faith and Atheism in George MacDonald

I do not know how to review the novel Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald. If I were to assess it as I would any other work of realistic fiction, I could only give it two stars out of a … Continue reading

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When Nothing Becomes God (or is it vice-versa?)

I just returned from a week of traveling–first for a funeral in Maryland and then down to visit my mother in Virginia Beach. I checked out my blog aggregator and this curious posting on the creatio ex nihilo drew my … Continue reading

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Amir Aczel, Science, and the Existence of God

Not only do the atheists not seem to get it, but a lot of theists apparently don’t either. I’m referring here to Amir Aczel, the author of Why Science Does Not Disprove God. I have not read Aczel’s book, but he … Continue reading

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Dumitru Staniloae: Surrender unto Death

Death is the great enemy of humanity. Only by an act of sustained denial do we not see it for what it is—the destruction of personal identity, the destruction of love and community, the destruction of meaning and hope. Atheists … Continue reading

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