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Universal Salvation: Love Is Its Own Necessity

I know that some are wondering why I have spent so much blog time featuring discussion of Fr James Dominic Rooney’s article “The Incoherences of Hard Universalism” and why I have now written yet another piece on it. I wonder … Continue reading

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Avicenna and Aquinas: Ruminating Divine Freedom and Necessity

I recently wrote the following letter to Dr Rahim Acar, a Muslim scholar and expert on the philosopher Avicenna. For purposes of publication, I have revised and significantly expanded the letter, adding quotations from his book, as well as specific … Continue reading

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The Absolute Freedom of the Simple Life

In the preceding article, we were left with questions about divine freedom: specifically, if the act of creation of essential to the divine being, as Hugh McCann claims, how does this not entail the enslavement of Deity to necessity? McCann … Continue reading

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How Do Angels Change? An Introduction to the “Spiritual Matter” Debate

by Brendan W. Case, Th.D. It’s fair to say that thirteenth-century theology was obsessed with “angelology” (angel-talk), a fact which provoked the nineteenth century quip about scholastic fascination with the number of angels that could dance on the head of … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas: Does Creatio ex Nihilo Exclude an Everlasting Universe?

Has the universe always existed? The ancient pagan philosophers, and with them the Hellenistic world, certainly thought so. In the absence of a belief in a transcendent Creator, how could it be otherwise? And here the Church Fathers found themselves … Continue reading

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Oecumenical Grace: Roman Catholicism and Created Grace

We begin with St Augustine of Hippo. Of course. His reflections on the mystery of grace have been determinative for Western Christianity. He taught the Latin Church that from beginning to end the Christian life is completely dependent upon the … Continue reading

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