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Casting Limbo into Limbo

Fourteen years ago (or was it an eternity ago?), during my short stint in the Roman Catholic Church, I did a goodly amount of reading on the doctrine of limbo and wrote five articles on the subject for my old … Continue reading

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Faith, Reason, and Moral Sensibility: One Catholic’s Reflection on ‘That All Shall Be Saved’

by Ty Monroe, Ph.D. Chose étonnante cependant que le mystère le plus éloigné de notre connaissance qui est celui de la transmission du péché soit une chose sans laquelle nous ne pouvons avoir aucune connaissance de nous-mêmes. Car il est … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart and the Return of Pontificator’s Laws

Since starting Eclectic Orthodoxy three years ago, I have generally tried to avoid ecclesiological debates and churchly apologetics. I know from personal experience how spiritually destructive these polemics can be. We want to prove to others why we were right … Continue reading

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St John the Wonderworker and the Immaculate Conception

The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception, solemnly defined by Pope Pius IX in 1854, is regularly cited by Orthodox theologians and apologists as a decisive barrier to the reunion of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. The doctrine represents, St John … Continue reading

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Social media exploded upon the release of the interim relatio of the Synod of the Family. Progressives are exulting in the return of the spirit of Vatican II; traditionalists are upset and demanding an immediate halt to debate and unambiguous … Continue reading

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St Vincent of Lérins: How Do We Discern Christian Doctrine?

“In the Catholic Church itself, all possible care must be taken, that we hold that faith which has been believed everywhere, always, by all” (Commonitorium 2.5). During my 25 years as an Episcopal priest, I recited this famous canon of … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church and the Return of Hell

For the past couple of decades the hope that all will be saved has been on the ascendency in the Roman Catholic Church. This hope is powerfully stated by Hans Urs von Balthasar in his book Dare We Hope That … Continue reading

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