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“I see no God up here”: Gagarin and the Invisible Gardener

After Yuri Gagarin’s famous flight into outer space, Nikita Khrushchev addressed a plenary session of the Central Committee and vigorously commended Communism’s campaign against religion: “Why are you clinging to God?” he asked. “Here Gagarin flew into space and didn’t … Continue reading

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In Defense of Christian Platonism

by Alexander Earl “That it is especially with the Platonists that we must carry on our disputations on matters of theology, their opinions being preferable to those of all other philosophers.” ~ St Augustine of Hippo I. Introductions St Augustine … Continue reading

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Politics Won’t Save Us

by Fr Gregory Roy Jensen Much as we might wish it were otherwise, in the Church there are differences in the “political convictions among her episcopate, clergy and laity.” Such differences—and even sharp disagreements—are however legitimate. The only thing we … Continue reading

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Do Muslims Believe in the Same God? What about Christians?

Shia, Sunni, Sufi—do Muslims believe in the same God, despite their theological differences? And if it can be argued on the basis of Islamic principles and reasoning that they do, perhaps that might shed some light on how Christians might approach the … Continue reading

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Allah, Son, and Holy Spirit: The Apologetics of Oneness and Threeness

Thanks to the holidays, the internet debate about whether Christians and Muslims worship the “same” God and refer to the “same” divine reality by their use of “God” and “Allah,” respectively, has died down a bit; but the question is … Continue reading

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“Allah” or “God”: Does it Matter?

“Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” Do a Google search and you will find this question being addressed on numerous blogs by theologians, philosophers, and plebeians. Clearly it has generated a great deal of interest. My blog certainly experienced … Continue reading

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Do Christians and Muslims (and Jews) Worship the Same God?

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? This question has become urgent amongst internet Christians. Ten days ago Dr Larycia Hawkins, a professor of political science at Wheaton College, announced her religious solidarity with Muslims. “They, like me, a … Continue reading

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Searching for Our Human Face: The Subversion of Pagan Sacrifice

by Brian C. Moore, Ph.D. In Martha Nussbaum’s The Fragility of Goodness and then in Love’s Knowledge, there is an attempt to limn the qualities of excellence and the nature of choice that confront human being. In the latter work, … Continue reading

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