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Tradition and Apocalypse: David Bentley Hart and Orthodoxy 2.0

by John Stamps If David Bentley Hart (DBH) didn’t exist, it’d be necessary to invent him. He provokes me to rethink basic concepts unlike any other writer that I know. I don’t always agree with him, but I always relish … Continue reading

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A Conversation with St Paul: What Does Scripture Mean?

Have you ever found yourself reading the Epistle to the Romans and thought, “It sure would be nice if St Paul were here and could explain to me what he meant when he wrote, ‘For we hold that a man … Continue reading

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Reading Scripture as non-Scripture

“By what right do you claim the Bible just for your church and exclude mine?” No one has yet posed this question in response to “Unitarianism and the Bible of the Holy Trinity“; but it’s the question I would ask … Continue reading

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Israel and the Gospel According to St Paul

An increasing number of biblical scholars are finding the justification by faith model (JF) unpersuasive as a comprehensive way to understand the Apostle Paul. This first came to my attention early in my seminary education (back in the dark ages) … Continue reading

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