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Ex Nihilo Nonnihil Fit: “from nothing something comes”

Can we imagine the universe spontaneously emerging from nothing? I would have thought that the answer would obviously and logically be no—as long as nothing is understood as it was in classical philosophy and theology: the absence of any thing … Continue reading

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God Simply Is the Sheer Act of Existing

“The doctrine of God’s simplicity,” states James Dolezal, “reaches the zenith of expression and sophistication in the thought of Thomas Aquinas” (God Without Parts, p. 6). One might even argue that it forms the lynchpin of St Thomas’s understanding of … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas: Is God Making it Snow?

As readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy know, I am obsessed with the relationship between divine causality/agency and creaturely causality/agency and have devoted several blogs to it, including a five-article series that begins with the physicist Stephen Hawking and ends with the metaphysician Austin … Continue reading

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St Thomas Aquinas: Creatures are Nothing but Nothing

Is it possible for God to create from out of nothing? This is the question that St Thomas Aquinas explores in his second article on creation in his commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard. He answers in the affirmative. … Continue reading

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Hugh J. McCann on Divine Agency and Human Freedom

As readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy know, I am fascinated by the topic of divine and creaturely agency. How can human beings be free if God is the transcendent source of the world?  So I immediately jumped to the relevant chapter … Continue reading

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