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Waking the Gods: Sorcery, Alchemy, or Gift?

“It is a source of constant vexation to me, as I am sure it must be to all of us,” David Bentley Hart whimsically remarks, “that philosophical theology pays such scant attention to root vegetables.”1 I confess that until I … Continue reading

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Tradition and Apocalypse: David Bentley Hart and Orthodoxy 2.0

by John Stamps If David Bentley Hart (DBH) didn’t exist, it’d be necessary to invent him. He provokes me to rethink basic concepts unlike any other writer that I know. I don’t always agree with him, but I always relish … Continue reading

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David B. Hart on Universal Salvation and Human Freedom

Last week Dr. David B. Hart visited Eclectic Orthodoxy and engaged in instructive conversation with folks on the “Readings in Universalism” page. This morning I skimmed through the comments thread and culled from them some of David’s more interesting and … Continue reading

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