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St. Maximus the Confessor on the Will—Natural and Gnomic

by David Bradshaw, Ph.D. My aim in this paper is to identify the distinctive contribution made by St. Maximus to the development of theories of the will. I will also offer some tentative comments regarding the contemporary value of his … Continue reading

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Why Denial of Divine Simplicity Implies Atheism

For much of my theological life, I have not understood the notion of divine simplicity nor thought it important to understand. What has divine simplicity to do with the lively God of the Bible‽ Even after I began to read … Continue reading

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The Cappadocian Brothers on the Propria of God

I’m sure it did not come as a surprise to either St Basil of Caesarea or St Gregory of Nyssa. Once they began to elucidate the mystery of the Trinity by means of the analogy between three human beings and … Continue reading

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