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When Making Makes No Nuttin’ Difference

We have to be careful. It’s easy to misconstrue the Christian claim that God has created the universe out of nothing. In his popular book Theology and Sanity, Frank Sheed writes: God made it. And He made it of nothing. … Continue reading

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All shall be well … but how well is well?

[This article has been significantly revised and expanded. For the updated version, CLICK HERE] Does Julian of Norwich advocate the salvation of every human being? The question haunts readers of her Showings. That it does so is curious. Julian repeatedly qualifies … Continue reading

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Julian of Norwich and the God who Delights to Die

“Sin is befitting, but all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well” (Revelations LT 27). On reading these words of Christ to Julian of Norwich we might be tempted to think that … Continue reading

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The Nought of Sin and the Blindness of God

“Sinne is no dede,” Julian of Norwich calmly states (LT 11), yet who would be so insensitive and cruel to tell that to the families who lost loved ones in last week’s massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas. When Devin Kelly … Continue reading

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God is the Doer: Providence and Human Freedom in Julian of Norwich

Meditation upon the passion and death of Christ leads Dame Julian into a deeper understanding of God’s creation of the world, which in turn prepares her for the third showing—the presence of God in all: And after this I saw … Continue reading

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Theologizing with Julian of Norwich

In his book on Julian of Norwich, Denys Turner makes an extraordinary claim: the long text of Julian’s Showings ranks as “one of the great works of medieval theology in any language,” standing alongside the contributions of St Anselm, St … Continue reading

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How to be an Atheist

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Allah, Son, and Holy Spirit: The Apologetics of Oneness and Threeness

Thanks to the holidays, the internet debate about whether Christians and Muslims worship the “same” God and refer to the “same” divine reality by their use of “God” and “Allah,” respectively, has died down a bit; but the question is … Continue reading

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