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St Mark Eugenicus and the Immaculate Burning Bush

We jump from St Gregory the Theologian in the 4th century to two Byzantine theologians in the 15th century—Joseph Bryennius, a vigorous supporter of hesychastic theology, and St Mark Eugenicus, the resolute voice of Orthodoxy at the Council of Florence. … Continue reading

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Dionysian Ponderings: Creatio ex Nihilo, Divine Energies, and the Erotic God

Did St Dionysius the Areopagite espouse the catholic understanding of the creatio ex nihilo? As noted in the preceding article, this understanding comprised three elements: (1) rejection of pre-existent matter, (2) absolute beginning, and (3) divine freedom. Neither rejection of eternal … Continue reading

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Oecumenical Grace: Eastern Orthodoxy on Theosis

“It is too little realized,” write Charles Mœller and Gérard Philips, “that opposition to neo-platonism is as important in the East as that to Pelagianism in the West” (The Theology of Grace and the Oecumenical Movement, p. 6). In the … Continue reading

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The Thomist and the Palamite

Palamite: “You make no distinction between the essence of God and his energy and you say that God gives himself to the creature in a finite mode. On your showing, this must mean that the divine essence is given in … Continue reading

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A question about theosis

This past Sunday afternoon I re-read Jonathan Jacob’s thoughtful paper “An Eastern Orthodox conception of theosis and human nature.” In his paper Jacobs advances the thesis that “God is—or, properly speaking, the divine energies are—metaphysically built into the structure of true … Continue reading

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