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Aquinas and Divine Freedom: To Know the Divine Essence is to Know the Cosmos

If God is eternal, immutable, and incomposite, how is it that his creation of the cosmos is not a necessary, and thus unfree and fettered, act? We have raised this question in two earlier postings on St Dionysius: ‚ÄúTranscending Freedom … Continue reading

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Was St Gregory of Nyssa a Proto-Palamite?

The title is intentionally provocative, and I’m afraid the article will disappoint anyone who is hoping for a clear answer to the question posed. While I have read a fair amount of the secondary literature about St Gregory Palamas’s famous … Continue reading

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The Impossibility of Comprehending the Incomprehensible God

What does St Gregory of Nyssa mean when he so emphatically claims that human beings are incapable of comprehending the divine nature. As we have seen, it does not mean that we must remain silent before the unspeakable Deity. Christians … Continue reading

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Unbegetting the Eunomian God

“God is unbegotten substance,” declares Eunomius. When we say this, we are stating a precise definition of God and thus comprehending him as he truly is. Eunomius certainly does not mean to suggest that we thus know God exhaustively and … Continue reading

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The Unbegotten Eunomius

Eunomius begins his Apology with a traditional creedal statement: We believe in one God, the Father almighty, from whom are all things; And in one only-begotten Son of God, God the Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom are all … Continue reading

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