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Trinity, Logic, and the Transcendence of Transcendence

Philosopher Dale Tuggy believes he has a decisive proof against the coherency of the catholic doctrine of the Trinity. It goes like this: God is a personal being, i.e., a self. By “self” is understood a being who is conscious, … Continue reading

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To Be or Not to Be: Aquinas or Pseudo-Dionysius?

The Maverick Philosopher writes:  “My question for Fr. Kimel: Do you side with the doctor angelicus, or do you go all the way into the night of negative theology with Pseudo-Dionysus?” Succinct answer: I haven’t decided, partly because my acquaintance with … Continue reading

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The Impossibility of Comprehending the Incomprehensible God

What does St Gregory of Nyssa mean when he so emphatically claims that human beings are incapable of comprehending the divine nature. As we have seen, it does not mean that we must remain silent before the unspeakable Deity. Christians … Continue reading

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The Cappadocian Brothers on the Propria of God

I’m sure it did not come as a surprise to either St Basil of Caesarea or St Gregory of Nyssa. Once they began to elucidate the mystery of the Trinity by means of the analogy between three human beings and … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Fix the Doctrine of the Trinity?

Bloggers live to be read; but when another blogger actually writes an article in response to something one has published … well … that is cyberheaven. It’s like one’s very existence has been validated. So when Dale Tuggy responded to … Continue reading

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St Basil the Great: Homily on Faith

Scholars are unable to date St Basil of Caesarea’s homily On Faith (De fide) with much accuracy. It appears to have been composed sometime between 365 and 375, with 372-375 being the most likely years, given the attention given to … Continue reading

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Can Analytic Philosophers Be Saved?

My tongue must be firmly placed in my check, for surely—surely!—there is one possible world in which analytic philosophers are in fact saved. Perhaps this world is that one. Perhaps. The question wickedly crossed my mind while I perused a … Continue reading

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St Basil of Caesarea and the Not so Simple God of the Gospel

If Eunomius is convinced that we may comprehend the substance of God and accurately name it “unbegotten,” St Basil the Great is equally convinced that the living God of Jesus Christ surpasses all human knowing and is beyond all names. … Continue reading

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