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Debunking the Trinity?

Just a suggestion to all debunkers of Christianity: before going to print, make sure you get your facts straight. Jonathan M.S. Pearce recently published a brief critique of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity: “The Holy Trinity as Incoherent.” Why … Continue reading

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Father, Son, Spirit as Divine Selves

“Three selves, one being”—does it work as a trinitarian formula? Well, why not? It all depends on what we mean by the word “self.” Dale Tuggy defines self as a center of individual consciousness, volition, and agency—i.e., someone who is … Continue reading

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Thinking Trinity: The Jigsaw Puzzle of the Homoousion

Once a believer has fully grasped the decisive significance of homoousion, there can be no returning to a more “biblical” or more “historical” Jesus; for the only Jesus that was and is is the incarnate Son eternally begotten from the … Continue reading

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William Hasker, Orthodoxy, and the Social Trinity

When I was in seminary, I read Leonard Hodgson’s book The Doctrine of the Trinity. Hodgson was a pioneer in what has come to be known as the social model of the Trinity. I no longer own my copy of … Continue reading

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