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Irresistible grace: our secret hope?

How would you answer the title question? In yesterday’s article “Irresistible Grace: Is Sergius Bulgakov an Augustinian?” I probably should have noted some of the differences between Sergius Bulgakov’s irresistible glory and St Augustine’s irresistible grace. The most obvious difference … Continue reading

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Tweaking Augustine: From Limited Atonement to Universalism

In my previous article “The Catholic Church and the Return of Hell,” I asked, Why are Roman Catholics historically pessimistic about the eternal salvation of humanity, given its teaching on efficacious grace? Needless to say, the question can be expanded … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church and the Return of Hell

For the past couple of decades the hope that all will be saved has been on the ascendency in the Roman Catholic Church. This hope is powerfully stated by Hans Urs von Balthasar in his book Dare We Hope That … Continue reading

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