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The Father, Justice, and the Hermeneutic of Love

When we confess that God is just, what is it that we mean? Perhaps we mean that God rewards good acts and punishes evil acts in the exact propor­tion they deserve. Let us call this the view of the man … Continue reading

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Praying for the Consuming Fire of Love

It is a fantastical fantasy, I know. Even so, I fantasize: If every Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant pastor were to read the Unspoken Sermons of George MacDonald, the Church of Jesus Christ would experience an extraordinary revival in the Holy Spirit. … Continue reading

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Ainulindalë: The Ideas of Eru and the Subcreativity of the Ainur

Before moving on to the next stage of Eru’s creation of Arda, I want to return to the emanation of the Ainur from the One and the significance of their participation in the Great Music.1 The Ainulindalë tells us that … Continue reading

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The Inescapable Love of God: The Absurdity of Eternal Damnation

“The very idea of someone freely rejecting God forever,” writes Thomas Talbott, “is deeply incoherent and therefore logically impossible.”1 Given that eternal damnation—whether considered as the infliction of unbearable pain or maximal privation of happiness and satisfaction—represents a fate that no … Continue reading

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Natura Pura in the One-Storey Universe

I continue with theological highlights of David Hart’s essay “Waking the Gods,” included in his new book You Are Gods. If you have not yet read my article “The One-Storey Universe of David Bentley Hart,” you may find it helpful to … Continue reading

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Penal Substitutionary Atonement and the Living Christ

The glorification of the Son of God is the glorification of the human race, for the glory of God is the glory of man, and that glory is love! ~ George MacDonald ~ Good Friday—on this day Christians around the … Continue reading

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St Isaac the Syrian and the Punitive God of the Scriptures

“Do not call God just,” St Isaac the Syrian scandalously declares, “for His justice is not manifest in the things concerning you.” But surely God punishes the wicked, we quickly retort. Surely there is divine reprisal, an infliction of deserved … Continue reading

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George MacDonald against Hans Urs von Balthasar on Universal Salvation

by Jordan Daniel Wood, Ph.D. Many a wrong, and its curing song; Many a road, and many an inn; Room to roam, but only one home For all the world to win. (Eve, in MacDonald’s Lilith) I want to put … Continue reading

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