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Preaching Good Good Very Good News: Proclamation, Liturgy, Kingdom

Preach the gospel in the performative mode of uncondi¬≠tional promise—let’s call this the proclamatory rule of the gospel. It comes into play when the gospel-speaker is declaring the good news of Jesus Christ to one or more individuals, with the … Continue reading

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Preaching the Gospel of Predestination

How can the Church recover the preaching of predestination? It seems an impossibility. When treated abstractly, as an explanation of why some are saved and others are not, predestination must always function as an existential threat to our personhood and … Continue reading

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Preaching Gospel as Gospel: How Unconditional is Unconditional?

The gospel is the story of Jesus Christ proclaimed in the performative mode of unconditional promise. What this means practically for the preacher is this: each week, through prayer, study, and meditation on the appointed biblical text, he must find … Continue reading

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Gerhard Forde on Descriptive and Declarative Language

Shortly after seminary I began devouring the writings on Lutheran theologians on the topic of justification by faith. I was particularly intrigued by the Jenson-Lindbeck proposal that the Reformation doctrine of “justification by faith” should be understood as a metalinguistic … Continue reading

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