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“Gnosticism” and Universalism: A Review of ‘The Devil’s Redemption’

by David Bentley Hart ​ I had been hoping to avoid this eventuality for some months now; and, but for a certain sense of justice that it is proving impossible to suppress in myself, I suppose I could have continued … Continue reading

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Creatio ex Nihilo: The Gnostic Contribution

It may come as a surprise to my readers to learn that the first Christian theologian to explicitly assert the creatio ex nihilo was the gnostic Basilides—at least it was a surprise to me. Writing in the first half of … Continue reading

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After reading Scot McKnight’s recent blog on “The Theology of the Spiritual But Not Religious,” I was reminded of a book that I read many years ago but had almost completely forgotten: The American Religion by Harold Bloom. Bloom’s thesis … Continue reading

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