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Mary Prokathartheisa

In his monograph Immaculate Conception, Fr Christiaan Kappes advances a controversial thesis: invoking prokathartheisa (prepurified) as a title for the Theotokos, “the Greek Fathers—in the line of the Nazianzen until the introduction of Byzantine Thomism in the 14th century—never vacillated about … Continue reading

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“I AM WHO I AM”: Thomas Aquinas and the Metaphysics of the Exodus

Soon to be doctor Eric Jobe has posted a blog article on the divine Name revealed to Moses—“YHWH Among the Gods.” The Tetragrammaton, we learn, is a third-person singular verb, probably originally meaning “he causes to be” or “he causes … Continue reading

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To See God Crucified: The Theopaschism of St Gregory Nazianzen

“We need an incarnate God, a God put to death, so that we might live, and we were put to death with him.” (Or. 45.28) Before there was Jurgen Moltmann, there was St Gregory the Theologian. Of the early Church … Continue reading

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St Gregory the Theologian and the Apollinarian Nonsense

A God-man without a human mind—that appears to have been the view advanced by Apollinarius in the late 4th century. I suppose it makes some kind of sense. If the divine spirit effectively substitutes for the human mind in Jesus … Continue reading

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Mixing and Blending: The Orthodox Recipe for Theanthropos

“He comes forth, God with what he assumed, one from two opposites, flesh and spirit, the one deifying and the other deified. O the new mixture! O the paradoxical blending! He who is comes into being, and the uncreated is … Continue reading

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The Unitive Christology of St Gregory the Theologian

The christology of St Gregory the Theologian, writes Christopher Beeley, “remains one of the great theological achievements of Christian tradition” (The Unity of Christ, p. 182). One is struck by how Gregory anticipates the christology of St Cyril of Alexandria. … Continue reading

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Apollinarius and the Truncated Humanity of Christ

Virtually all I know about Apollinarius of Laodicea is that his heresy elicited a memorable response from St Gregory the Theologian: “What has not been assumed has not been healed.” (If I knew anything more—like back in seminary days—it was … Continue reading

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